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Avoid the Pitfalls of Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) IT Integration

Why IT integration is critical to M&A success

Don't let the rush to Legal Day 1 turn your IT integration exercise into a resume-updating exercise.

IT integration for mergers and acquisitions are drop-everything projects because it’s all about the timelines. Any number of IT security pitfalls can arise and derail your integration. As an IT executive you can’t allow this to happen because your organization will take a deep financial hit if the deal takes longer to close than dictated by the terms of the transition service agreement.

Nailing your IT integration is essential to hitting your M&A ROI targets but rushing the process can be counterproductive. Put too much pressure on the IT team to execute the integration too quickly and you risk making mistakes that could send your IT integration south and doom the whole deal.

Watch this video and download our e-book to learn the common pitfalls in an M&A IT systems integration and how you can achieve cost synergies with a repeatable M&A software and services framework.

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