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How Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As) Impact Data Security

Common IT Pitfalls of Mergers and Acquisitions

An M&A is in your future, making for an exciting and challenging time. But, don't let the rush to Legal Day 1 turn your IT integration exercise into a resume-updating exercise..

Achieving synergy and ensuring the value and performance of the newly combined company are top priorities in your march to Legal Day 1. The sooner the combined entity can achieve synergy, the sooner your organization will realize improved financial performance. Unfortunately, in the glow of anticipated synergies, companies often make crucial mistakes and fail to get the IT integration done right. As a result, they suffer serious security problems that put the newly created company at risk.

Don’t make this mistake. Before your next M&A IT integration, watch this short video to learn the common pitfalls in an M&A IT integration. Then, read this ebook to discover how to:

  • avoid M&A IT integration missteps
  • protect yourself from security breaches
  • achieve data security
  • reap the benefits you expect from your M&A

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