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Request a Demo for Netvault Backup

No one knows more about the importance of safeguarding your organization's most critical data and applications than you. The enterprise data protection solution that you put your trust in must be reliable, scalable and cost effective, as well as easy to use. The answer: NetVault Backup 10.

Join us for a dynamic, 30-minute product demonstration, and see firsthand how easy it is to implement a cross-platform backup and recovery solution through a single console. With NetVault Backup 10, you'll have the flexibility to work on the other high-priority projects that need your attention, while feeling secure that your backups are in place, and that data recovery will be smooth and fast when you need it.

During this live demonstration, we'll cover many NetVault Backup 10 data protection capabilities, including:

  • Virtual, physical and application protection
  • Ease-of-use across multiple platforms
  • Disk-based backups and deduplication
  • Tiered options for disaster recovery
  • Recovery for Exchange/SQL Server/Windows

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