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Migrating Oracle Databases to Microsoft Azure VM

If you’re undertaking an Oracle database migration to Microsoft Azure VM from an on-premises environment, there are a few questions you should consider before you begin, such as: 

  • Which of your Oracle databases is best suited for a migration to Azure?
  • How will you minimize downtime and avoid data loss during the migration?
  • How will you monitor database performance and ensure scalability without blowing your Azure VM budget?
  • Do you have the tools to replicate Oracle data between on-premises infrastructure and Azure VM?

This technical brief answers the questions above in the context of several tried and true products from Quest: SharePlex®, Toad® for Oracle DBA Edition, Benchmark Factory® and Foglight® for Databases. We’ll discuss how you can reduce the overall risks inherent in a database migration by benchmarking performance, monitoring database health and protecting sensitive data. You’ll gain a clearer picture of how to migrate your Oracle database to Azure VM, along with an understanding of the tools that will ensure successful migration.