Stress-free SQL Server database replication

You’ve been an Oracle DBA for years, successfully using the battle-tested SharePlex® for Oracle solution for all of your database replication needs. But now your business demands greater agility across the entire datascape, and you want to add SQL Server environments to expand the role your database can play in meeting critical business goals. You’re excited about what this expansion could do for the business from a big picture standpoint, but at the same time, you and your team of database administrators dread the idea of having to learn to use another set of technologies to perform SQL Server replication and all the other critical functions required to sustain the availability, performance and migration needs of SQL Server environments. It could double your work because you are already performing these tasks within your Oracle environment using the SharePlex solution — not to mention the overhead of maintaining two separate replication systems.

Or maybe you’ve already been offloading Oracle transactional data to SQL Server for reporting and now want to offload that analytics workload into the cloud. Perhaps you sucked it up and have been running the built-in SQL Server replication system for this purpose.

Well, your life is about to get easier (and less cumbersome). The release of the SharePlex 9.0 database replication solution opens the door to greater database flexibility, scalability and reliability. Now you can replicate both Oracle and SQL Server databases using the same easy-to-use interface. The new SQL Server capture capability in the SharePlex solution employs the same proven technologies used in native SQL Server database tools, providing seamless replication — with much higher reliability.

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