User Account Provisioning Done Right

User Account Provisioning Done Right
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  • Recorded Date:Feb. 28, 2013
  • Event:On Demand
User Account Provisioning Done Right

Provisioning has always been a challenge for IT administrators. Passwords that expire, problem accounts, lack of audit trails, and many other issues create huge headaches on a constant basis. Groups don’t solve the problem – they simply multiply like rabbit. But there is a way to solve streamline provisioning, once and for all.


What you will learn

View this archived webcast to learn about the challenges and problems of provisioning we all face, then hear Randy’s expert insight into how to automate user provisioning processes to help you achieve:

  • Reduced security risks
  • Ensured compliance
  • Lower costs
  • Higher productivity, speed and efficiency

Watch the archived demo now to learn how you can solve your provisioning problems, and streamline identity access and management.


Randy Franklin Smith

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