Six Steps to Classifying Your Data

Six Steps to Classifying Your Data
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  • Recorded Date:Jun. 11, 2013
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Six Steps to Classifying Your Data

Does your organization have a strong data classification system? Not having one can lead to serious security issues. In fact, multiple studies by Aberdeen show there’s a direct correlation between data classification efforts and security incidents.

Data classification is actually the first step in any information security program. Watch this webcast to see security expert Randy Franklin Smith discuss ways to implement – and sustain – a classification system that’s practical for your organization.

What you will learn

  • Establish and revise data classification levels and required controls
  • Identify and classify information resources
  • Put your controls into practice
  • Understand the difference between classification and categorization
  • Locate resources/tools to help with your project
  • Maintain a viable data classification system

Plus, find out why it’s important to integrate your classifications into your data governance processes and controls.

Get plenty of actionable information that you can use to bolster your company’s security.


Security expert Randy Franklin Smith and Dell Product Manager Jason Remillard, Sr.

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