Use Cases for Replicating SQL Server Data

Use Cases for Replicating SQL Server Data
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  • Recorded Date:Jul. 27, 2017
  • Event:On Demand
Use Cases for Replicating SQL Server Data

SQL Server can scale to large databases with thousands of users, but having all your data in one database isn’t always ideal. So how can you best use your valuable data to support your organization? By implementing data replication. In this on-demand webcast, you’ll see how to replicate data from SQL Server to SQL Server as well as to other database platforms.

You’ll learn how data replication makes it safe and easy to:

  • Migrate databases to new servers.
  • Offload reporting to data marts or a data warehouse.
  • Migrate to different database platforms.
  • Maintain near real-time consolidated data from multiple sources and/or locations.
  • Maintain production loads and synchronous data in test and development environments.
  • Keep data synchronized in multiple remote locations for data distribution.
  • Maintain a near real-time copy to offload processes – archiving, reporting, read only activity and more.


  • Susan Wong - Systems Architect

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