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Global Survey Key Findings

Global Survey Key Findings

Global survey paints a bleak picture for the state of IAM today.

Most IT security professionals are aware that their identity and access management (IAM) practices are substandard and know what to do to fix them - but do not have the time nor resources to do anything about it. 
We learned and confirmed this in our annual survey of IT security admins and leaders from around the world. 

We asked more than 1,000 respondents about their organization’s IAM and PAM practices - and uncovered a host of insights, as well as some real head-scratching results.

Read our Key Findings document to see survey highlights, such as:

  • Only 15 percent are confident in the security of their access control project 
  • A significant number of organizations have no way to tell if a user has been de-provisioned from all resources (1 in 20)
  • 12 percent would steal confidential data, 77 percent say it would be easy to steal data – and 12 percent admitted they would if they were upset enough

Download your copy to get more details about these statistics – and others that will shock you.

Global Survey Key Findings