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How Active Directory Recovery Strengthens Cyber Resilience

For organizations that rely on Microsoft to manage their data and communications, Active Directory (AD) serves as a doorway to their digital functions and services. It’s the primary mechanism for authenticating users and enabling access to databases, files, applications, computers and other endpoints.

When a crisis strikes — whether a cyberattack or a natural disaster — nothing can be recovered until AD is up and running again. Constituents can’t conduct transactions, access websites or contact call centers. Employees, whether they’re remote or in office, can’t access the tools and information they need to perform their jobs.

While native AD recovery tools exist, they lack the features needed to ensure the quickest return to business as usual. To recover instantly from disasters and minimize their impact, organizations need a robust AD recovery plan and a comprehensive, automated tool that recovers directory data whether it’s in their on-premises, Azure AD or hybrid AD environment. Download this report for insight into how to build an airtight AD recovery plan to help you strengthen cyber resilience and minimize:

  • Significant cost of downtime
  • An ever-expanding attack surface
  • Increasing external and insider threats