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Privileged perspective: Understanding the risk of legacy AD architecture

Active Directory (AD) is the center of your Windows universe — it controls access to the network, programs and data in your IT infrastructure. In that sense, it’s the most important platform in your organization. Microsoft provides several utilities with AD to manage data and policies within the directory. Unfortunately, they often leave a bit to be desired. And as you add business applications, or as your environment grows, the risks of a mismanaged — or completely unmanaged — AD grow exponentially.

In this informative white paper, Quest service partner XMS Solutions dives into the risks associated with legacy AD architectures as well as how to avoid them. You’ll learn about:

  • Degraded user experiences related to legacy AD as well as the security risks being introduced
  • Increased costs from maintaining legacy platforms and data
  • How to modernize your AD architecture
  • And much more