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Post GDPR – is it too late to comply?

Post GDPR – is it too late to comply?

As the May 25, 2018 deadline for GDPR compliance approached, organizations around the world were scrambling to achieve compliance. For months leading up to the deadline, headlines had been warning of dire consequences for non-compliance and offering bleak statistics about the state of compliance in various regions and sectors.

How has that panned out? To find out, Infosecurity hosted a webinar sponsored by Quest to review what the post-GDPR era looks like and analyze the current status of compliance. In the session, four industry experts offer their advice on compliance strategies and debate whether the GDPR has achieved its goal of ensuring a more protected world.

Now Infosecurity has distilled the substance of that discussion down into a short document. In just a few minutes, you can review key takeaways from the, including:

  • The eight rights of data subjects under the GDPR
  • The primary objectives to keep in mind when developing a strategy for handling breaches
  • The critical strategies for preventing, detecting and responding to threats to the sensitive data you store and process
  • Some of the most interesting results from a poll run on the Infosecurity Twitter account asking about organizations’ GDPR readiness and concerns
Post GDPR – is it too late to comply?