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Remote Work at Enterprise Scale: Strategies for Microsoft 365 Migration and Management

When the pandemic hit, government IT departments scrambled to ensure employees had the tools they needed to work from home productively. While many organizations were already piloting cloud-based productivity and collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams, others had to pivot quickly to free, short-term trial versions. For many, Microsoft 365 has now settled at the center of their strategies

Microsoft 365 offers a level of scalability, flexibility, integration and mobility that is difficult to achieve with on-prem solutions alone. While Microsoft 365 offers many benefits, migrating to any cloud-based suite that touches on so many core aspects of daily work is a multi-faceted process.

Learn best practices to get to the cloud and make the most of your investment, including:

  • Understand your data and processes
  • Migrate user accounts and identities first
  • Decide which business processes will benefit most from being in the cloud
  • And much more