Securing Access to Cloud Entitlements to Satisfy Compliance

Compliance requirements apply to an organization’s information, regardless of where it’s stored. In particular, regulators and auditors require the same controls for cloud-based data as for data that is stored on premise.

But in the move to the cloud, an organization’s data can shift out from under the umbrella of protection that the organization has built over the years through internal controls and technologies. This paper identifies the risks to compliance and business if an organization neglects to ensure that controls extend to data that migrates to the cloud.

  • Increased care-and-feeding costs with each new cloud
  • Availability concerns
  • A return to multiple user accounts
  • Redundant groups
  • Loss of control over entitlements
  • Loss of auditing capability (auditability)

The good news is that with the proper technology, you can easily integrate cloud resources into your Active Directory (AD) infrastructure.

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