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The Definitive Guide to Virtualization Management Software: Part Four

Part 4: Product Analysis, POC, and Deployment

Discover how to implement the right virtualization performance and operations management tools in your environment. Read part four of this white paper to find out how to go into the marketplace for the tools you need to continue your march to 100% virtualization.

Discover how to:

  • Determine the right time to eliminate a vendor.
  • Figure out what to ask for in a proof of concept (POC).
  • Gauge the optimal model for demonstration – public webinar, personal online demo or in-person presentation.
  • Negotiate free training or free assistance with your implementation.

Watch for all four parts of this eye-opening white paper. It’s designed for IT managers trying to understand, analyze, select and buy the best virtualization management features and software for their environment.
Read part four, “Product Analysis, POC, and Deployment.” Parts one, two and three are also available for download.