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The Definitive Guide to Virtualization Management Software: Part Three

Part 3: The Most Critical Features in Virtualization Management

Discover how to shop for the 19 must-haves in a virtualization management tool for your environment. Read part three of this white paper to find out what needs to go into the tools you’ll use to continue your march to 100% virtualization.

In this part of the white paper you’ll see how to:

  • Implement chargeback and showback with service providers and internal business units.
  • Optimize virtual machine resources by controlling VM sprawl and removing zombie VMs.
  • Look for lesser-known metrics that matter, like storage controller I/O utilization and I/O per second for a datastore.
  • Discriminate between visuals that truly help you spot problems and those that are merely attractive. 

Watch for all four parts of this eye-opening white paper. It’s designed for IT managers trying to understand, analyze, select and buy the best virtualization management features and software for their environment.
Read part three, “The Most Critical Features in Virtualization Management.” Parts one and two are also available for download.