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What’s New in SharePoint 2019

What’s New in SharePoint 2019

White paper: What’s New in SharePoint 2019

SharePoint has been a great collaboration platform, enabling people to easily work together on files, lists and libraries. However, many customers have complained that it wasn’t a good option for their intranet because they weren’t able to easily or efficiently build the sites they wanted or an engaging landing site for the company.

The solution? SharePoint 2019.

Built on the same core platform as SharePoint Online, SharePoint 2019 is designed to deliver a new, modern experience for users.
In this informative white paper, you’ll explore the key new features available in SharePoint 2019, such as:

  • Simple and resource friendly site construction with Fast Site Creation
  • Easy OneDrive sync client that supports Files On-Demand, push notifications and IRM protection
  • Create a SharePoint home page that gives unified access to all your favorite SharePoint sites
  • A consistent user experience across Windows, OneDrive and SharePoint
We’ll also discuss how you can ensure a quick, secure migration with ZeroIMPACT to your users and business with best-in-class tools from Quest and Metalogix.
What’s New in SharePoint 2019