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Why Your Company Needs Third Party Solutions for Office 365

Office 365 is a capable platform that provides a broad range of services across productivity, security, compliance, and data protection. Although it provides a “good enough” capability in many areas, it does not provide the depth of capability or specialized solutions for customers with needs beyond the basics.

In this informative white paper, you’ll discover why one third of the companies that implement Office 365 have plans to use a combination of less expensive plans in conjunction with robust security, auditing, recovery, and other solutions. You’ll also understand some of Office 365’s limitations, such as:

  • Advanced security threats
  • Correlated threat views
  • Hybrid management
  • Long-term storage of audit logs
  • Data loss prevention
  • Advanced security threats
  • Encryption capabilities
  • Storage of audit logs
We’ll also discuss data from an in-depth Osterman Research survey from October 2018 that surveyed 124 organizations with a median of 1,400 employees. Explore the problems they faced managing Office 365, additional capabilities they’d like to have and other relevant information about their Office 365 environments.