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Foglight for Operating Systems

Simplified Operating System Monitoring

Foglight for Operating Systems monitors and manages the operating system that underlies every application, database, network device and server running in your environment. It monitors memory, CPU and I/O processes and aggregates event data so you can visualize core physical and virtual metrics and act upon them. With real-time graphics and detailed metrics, Foglight helps you identify when a problem started and helps isolate its root cause.

  • Provide a consistent management approach to all of your diverse operating systems
  • Link disparate parts of your IT environment as one centralized platform
  • Generate events and alarms based on file and operating system content
  • Customize the behavior of standard system elements based upon utility discovery


  • Unified Host Model - Manage different operating systems and hosts using a uniform approach, enabling aggregate collections such as “I/O utilization spanning multiple systems” or “aggregate CPU utilization.”
  • Graphical Diagnostic Capabilities - View real-time graphics of key operating system processes, metrics and drill-downs into system metrics to help identify when a problem started and help isolate its root cause.
  • Collection of Numerous Metrics - Collect key metrics on CPU utilization, top system users, memory availability and consumption, top I/O users and storage capacity trends.
  • Log File Content Monitoring - Monitor the content of log files for errors that occur in the OS by using agents and establishing alarms when the content matches regular expression filters.
  • Disk Activity Monitoring - Collect usage, capacity, and severity information about disk and file systems.
  • URL Response-Time Monitoring - Measure behind-the-firewall response times of URLs.
  • Process Group Health Checks - Monitor for zombie processes (an action initiated by other activities) and fluctuating process counts to predict failures. If not monitored, problems may occur if new process IDs aren’t available.

Sys Reqs

Foglight supports these operating systems:
  • HP HP-UX
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Novell SLES
  • RedHat & CentOS
  • Sun Solaris

Language Supported:

  • US English