New QoreStor takes a byte out of secondary storage costs

Taking a byte out of secondary storage costs is about to get a lot easier with today’s release of QoreStor! Just as a refresher, QoreStor helps IT organizations accelerate backup performance, reduce backup storage costs significantly and leverage the cloud for archiving, disaster recovery and business continuity. 

As a pure software solution, QoreStor is already a game-changer. But with this release, we take an even bigger byte of our on-prem and cloud storage costs (hey, it’s punday Monday, so don’t be haters).

With QoreStor, you can already save tons of money by completing dedupe on the source side before you send data over your WAN. Now with the latest release, you can save even more money on cloud storage! The QoreStor cloud recovery model addresses this unequivocally by extending its footprint into cloud-native storage, where its intelligent recovery pulls data locally before pulling backup data stored in long term retention such as Azure Blob Storage. Recovery is not only significantly faster, it also lowers cloud egress costs.

Now that we got that whole cost savings part out of the way – you’re welcome – here are some more great features included in QoreStor 6.0:

  • Cloud Tier - A policy-driven, seamless cloud extension, offering easy access to move data and recover data from cloud storage
  • Performance Tier - A high-speed Storage Group, allowing faster backup and instant recovery, without having to compromise on deduplication
  • In-place upgrade for current DR appliance customers - Allows a change from a fixed appliance model to a software-defined model without having to move or migrate any backup data
  • Role-based access - Allows for more granular control for larger organizations and MSPs
  • New UI - Interactive dashboard and updated (simpler) workflows

For more information, visit the QoreStor webpage. Or if you want to see how much money you can save, check out our Deduplication Calculator!

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