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Quest – a better solution for enterprise IT software

Simplicity is what you need and what we deliver

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See how Quest can help simplify your IT challenges

Technology keeps evolving, bringing more complexity. What if there was a better solution to manage data explosion, cloud expansion, security and compliance? At Quest, our enterprise IT software solutions help you manage and protect your data, take control of your hybrid environments, keep track of all network-connected devices and govern every identity across the enterprise.

We simplify the technologies you use every day so you spend less time on IT administration and more time on innovation. We’re Quest. Simple solutions for a complex world.

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Why depend on Quest?


Your Challenges

Digital transformation is a fast-growing business reality – it offers new services and provides a better customer experience. But with it, comes new challenges.

Data Explosion

Data Explosion 01:05
With Quest you can control the data explosion. See how.

Data is expanding at an alarming rate. As it does, so do the challenges to efficiently manage, secure, provision and recover that data.

What you’re up against:

Database performance and availability is critical. You need to secure and govern access, while meeting regulatory compliance. And, you must deliver a solid backup and recovery plan while managing escalating storage costs for increased data.

How this affects you:

You can’t afford downtime, but you are struggling to control access, so your systems are more prone to human errors and being out of compliance. And managing on- and offsite storage can be expensive and time consuming.

What if you could:

Minimize your storage footprint and easily manage, monitor, migrate, replicate, protect and secure your data and databases while controlling access on- and off-premises? With Quest you can.

Cloud Expansion

Cloud Expansion 01:14
With Quest you can move to the cloud with confidence. See how.

More and more organizations are choosing to adopt cloud computing solutions to improve IT agility and reduce costs.

What you’re up against:

Cloud expansion is expensive, but will it pay off? Migration can be risky and you need to support any cloud app with little or no downtime or data loss. And ensuring compliance is critical. Also, you may have to manage and monitor hybrid environments that include both physical and cloud databases.

How this affects you:

You’re unsure how migrating will impact data, productivity and costs, and if it’s even worth it. And managing hybrid environments is tough, especially long-term.

What if you could:

Migrate from on-premises to hybrid to the cloud with minimal cost, risk and downtime and easily manage and monitor your hybrid environment? With Quest you can.

Security and Compliance

Security and Compliance 01:01
With Quest you can be secure and compliant. See how.

From natural disasters, ransomware, malware and internal threats, security risks are everywhere. And proving compliance is never ending.

What you’re up against:

Your IT environment is under attack. Most data breaches are malicious and too many internal users have inappropriate access that can lead to security incidents. Plus, you need to be compliant to avoid costly fines and reputation damage. And a natural disaster or unforeseen event could cripple your business.

How this affects you:

As risk increases, you worry about audit findings, a high-profile breach, data loss and negative PR.

What if you could:

Simplify compliance, reduce risk and secure your network, data and applications from known and unknown threats, while enacting a successful identity and access management strategy? With Quest you can.

Our Solutions

We’ll help simplify your tedious day-to-day tasks, giving you more time to focus on innovation. Whether it’s data explosion, cloud expansion, security threats or compliance, Quest has a solution that fits your needs.

Cloud Management
Spend less time monitoring and more time optimizing your cloud environment for future growth.
Data Empowerment
Best-of-breed solutions for data operations, data protection and data governance to understand, protect and use data assets for smarter decisions.
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Continually assess, monitor and control your environment to simplify GDPR compliance in Microsoft environments.

Identity & Access Management

Reduce complexity and save time in governing identities, managing privileged accounts and controlling access.

Microsoft Platform Management

Automate migration, management and security functions for Active Directory, Exchange, Teams, SharePoint, Microsoft 365 and more.




Today's subject: keeping your IT systems secure and available on a tight budget.

Federal Government

Federal Government

Securing data and your IT environment isn't a policy discussion, it's the law.



Here's your prescription for patient data security, compliance and system availability.

State & Local Government

State & Local Government

Our department? Compliance, legacy system migration and cybersecurity.

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