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Microsoft platform security, management and migration solutions for the Federal Government

Federal Government IT departments face constant pressure to do more with less. But spending too much time maintaining legacy systems, such as Active Directory (AD) and Exchange, increases your security risk and makes you a prime target for cyberattacks and insider threats. Do nothing or not enough, and you can miss vulnerabilities that could take down your entire environment, expose sensitive or classified data, or compromise public safety.

Modernize and secure your Microsoft environment to ensure the safety of our country’s most sensitive data, meet compliance requirements and maintain operations 24x7. Our award-winning solutions can help secure, manage and migrate data across your on-premises, hybrid or Office 365 environment.

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Quick and secure Microsoft infrastructure management and migration


Discover how our solutions can help keep your data secure and your agency in compliance. We invest significant resources to ensure our solutions and products comply with existing government certifications and mandates.

Active Directory security

With the presidential executive order to strengthen Federal Government cybersecurity of networks and infrastructure, your agency must take action to improve your on-premises and hybrid AD security posture. Protect your critical data and AD configurations with Quest solutions that help assess permissions continuously to identify threats; detect and alert on suspicious activity; remediate and mitigate unauthorized actions; and investigate and recover from security breaches.

Governance, risk and compliance

Your agency faces an ever-changing barrage of compliance mandates, such as CSIP, CDM, FISMA and NIST. Each of these has different requirements that frequently change. Non-compliance can lead to increased congressional oversight and loss of funding. Quest solutions for government cybersecurity can help your agency continually assess, monitor, govern and control critical Microsoft systems, so you can stay more productive, secure and compliant with federal regulations.

Migration and consolidation

Data center optimization and consolidation are top priorities and challenges whether you are moving to a more cost-efficient infrastructure, such as hybrid or cloud services, or reducing IT footprint to improve your security posture. Learn how our solutions ensure a ZeroIMPACT migration and consolidation for AD, Exchange and Office 365. Simplify and automate migration tasks so you can finish your project faster while minimizing costs, risk and disruption to users.

Quest has a long history of helping federal agencies secure, manage and migrate data across Microsoft platforms such as AD, Exchange, Skype for Business and Office 365. Click below for information on each platform.

Active Directory

Reduce risk and cost by optimizing your Active Directory. Ensure a secure, compliant and available environment with solutions for restructuring and directory consolidation, security and compliance, disaster recovery, automation and provisioning.


Make Exchange Server more compliant, available, secure and efficient. Our solutions enable you to migrate, secure, audit, maintain and recover Exchange without using native tools. Ensure coexistence and manage your messaging environment faster — and with ZeroIMPACT.

Lotus Notes

Slash IBM Lotus Notes migration costs up to 60 percent, and migrate three times faster with superior data fidelity. Ensure a ZeroIMPACT email and application migration to Office 365, Exchange and SharePoint. Easily perform pre-migration analysis to effectively plan and mitigate risk, as well as ensure seamless coexistence to keep the migration from impacting end users.


Transform your SharePoint and Office 365 environment with award-winning migration and management solutions. Streamline complex, time-consuming daily tasks. Minimize the risk, time and cost associated with migrating from Notes to SharePoint.

Skype for Business / Lync

Simplify Skype for Business/Lync Server administration, ensure availability and maximize performance. Easily track instant messaging (IM), file transfers, VoIP and A/V conferencing usage, trends and quality of experience. Diagnose and resolve messaging issues before they affect end users. Automate user account management to relieve the burden on IT.

Windows Server

Make your environment secure, compliant and available. Elevate performance for Windows Server management, security, auditing and migration.

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