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We’re more than just a name.

We are on a quest to make your information technology work harder for you. That’s why we build community-driven software solutions that help you spend less time on IT administration and more time on business innovation. We help you modernize your data center, get you to the cloud quicker and provide the expertise, security and accessibility you need to grow your data-driven business. Combined with Quest’s invitation to the global community to be a part of its innovation, as well as our firm commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction, we will continue to deliver solutions that have a real impact on our customers today and leave a legacy we’re proud of. We are challenging the status quo by transforming into a new software company. And as your partner, we’ll work tirelessly to make sure your information technology is designed for you and by you. This is our mission, and we’re in this together. Welcome to a new Quest. You are invited to Join the Innovation.

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Our brand, our vision – together

Our logo

Quest Logo

Our logo reflects our story: innovation, community and support. An important part of this story begins with the letter Q. It’s a perfect circle, representing our commitment to technological precision and strength. The space in the Q itself symbolizes our need to add the missing piece – you – to the community, to the new Quest.

Our tagline - Join the Innovation

Three simple words - "Join the Innovation" - urge the community to become part of what we are. First, "join" asks our customers and partners to share this exciting new direction - it's a call to action to participate in an ongoing movement. Next, we say "the" instead of "our" because this is about all of us - not just Quest, but our customers and partners too. Finally, the word "innovation" fuels our industry - and it's our key value proposition. We're saying, "now is the time to innovate."

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100,000 organizations strong and growing – find out how we’re delivering value to our customers across industries and around the world.

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Water destroys Journeycall’s servers, but not their data – thanks to Rapid Recovery

"We saved a customer with over 150 users from disaster by deploying AppAssure (now Rapid Recovery) about 6 months before that. Live recovery helped to get the customer back up and running in hours, not days or weeks."

Robert Hazlett, VP, Business Development, Lanair Group LLC (MSP) (TechValidate ID#5A8-10E-F36)

"If the products and services of this new company are anything like I’ve experienced in the past, count me in."
I’ve always told the sales staff that their jobs are easy in the sense that the products sell themselves. They aren’t designed to solve every problem out there, but the ones they do solve are done so very well.

System Administrator, Medium Enterprise Energy & Utilities Company (TechValidate ID#5DF-A8C-FD4)

"We have been a partner with Quest for 10+ years, and have continued to be stay the course and keep loyal to Quest through the Dell days. We see the value in Quest, and hope that with the new transition that value increases."

Brian Botich, Director of Sales, XMS Solutions (TechValidate ID#714-DE8-03E)