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Foglight Cloud

Observability on your database, with depth. Helping you better manage your diverse database platform estate. Foglight Cloud is a managed software that combines many of the capabilities of Foglight for Databases and Foglight Evolve. Foglight Cloud offers extensive diagnostic capabilities and performance monitoring for databases, servers, virtual machines, containers, and cloud services. Foglight Cloud helps reduce TCO and assists your IT team in overcoming the challenges of managing the numerous and diverse database, cloud, and virtualization platforms you are required to support. Be proactive in monitoring the health and performance of your database and infrastructure platforms. 

Introducing Foglight Cloud by Quest 01:06
Foglight Cloud Query Insights dashboard within cloud managed database monitoring software

Simplified, Cost-Effective Deployment and Maintenance

Foglight Cloud offers a Time to Value within hours (TTV) with rapid implementation and onboarding, ensuring quick results. This accelerated ROI is achieved by getting actionable insights faster, which has an immediate impact on your organization's performance.

Foglight Cloud also helps reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) through multiple strategies. It cuts On-Premises infrastructure costs, resulting in both immediate and ongoing savings. Additionally, it ensures a scalable and flexible cloud-based architecture, which leads to long-term cost savings and improved financial sustainability.

Key benefits

Reduces Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Cut On-Premises infrastructure costs and experience immediate impact on your organization's performance

Built-in intelligence

At a glance, understand enterprise activities and health. Get pop-up advice with correlated workflows

Rich historical data

Identify and fix problems through diagnostics and alarm data from any drill-down screen

Historical lock analysis

Perform historical reviews of blocking-lock scenarios to resolve concurrency issues

Hosted solution

Access to the latest features and enhancements with simplified, cost-effective deployment and maintenance 


Competitive transparent subscription without hidden fees

Supported platforms

Foglight Cloud can help you monitor, predict, diagnose and resolve database performance issues quickly on the following platforms.




SAP Hana



Azure SQL DB

Google Cloud



Foglight solves common challenges


Manage multiple platforms


Performance #1 responsibility


Improved resolution time

Highlighted features

Wait-event analysis

Resolve resource-related performance problems by viewing wait-event data at the statement level

Wait-state analysis

Diagnose your wait statistics to determine the location and cause of waits

Alarm workflow and templates

Automated workflows, custom notifications and reusable templates help you to standardize the management of your alarms across databases

Infrastructure performance and availability monitoring

Simplify your data center, reduce infrastructure costs, maximize system performance and accurately predict future costs

Query Insights

Ensure databases are running efficiently to avoid significant productivity and revenue loss due to database slowdowns or crashes by optimizing time-consuming queries

Dynamic data operations

Simplified hybrid environments, and enhanced security and performance through regular updates mean cost-effective deployment and maintenance. SOC 2 certified.

Customer Stories


Without Foglight, we wouldn’t be able to meet our SLAs at all. With Foglight, we meet well over 99.5% of our SLAs.

Bailey Glenn Foglight Administrator, CommitDBA

Envision Healthcare

Foglight both monitors our databases and offers us a deep dive into them for real business intelligence.

Darrick Webster Database Administrator, Envision Healthcare Read Case Study

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Gain deep visibility into the health of your database and infrastructure environments.