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Security Guardian

Quest Security Guardian is an Active Directory security tool designed to reduce your attack surface. From a simplified, unified workspace, Security Guardian reduces alert fatigue by prioritizing your most exploitable vulnerabilities and Active Directory configurations that demand attention. The solution spotlights what happened, if you’re exposed, and how to fix the problem.

Protect your critical Tier Zero assets with the ability to:

  • Benchmark current Active Directory configuration against industry best practices
  • Lock down critical objects, including GPOs, from misconfiguration and compromise
  • Stay ahead of threats by continually monitoring for indicators of exposure (IOEs) and indicators of compromise (IOCs)
Quest Security Guardian: Active Directory assessment + ITDR 01:26
Gartner lists Quest as a representative vendor for ITDR in the latest Emerging Tech Impact Radar: Security report

Key Benefits

Reduce Attack Surface

Assess your AD against industry best practices, mitigating vulnerabilities and improving defensive posture.

Simplify AD Security

Remove the knowledge gap barriers of AD with visibility, control and protection of critical assets.

Control AD Configurations

Stay one step ahead of attackers by surfacing and mitigating misconfigurations in your AD.

Avoid Alert Fatigue

Reduce the noise and easily surface high-value alerts, ensuring swift threat response.

Ensure SaaS Flexibility

Experience simple implementation, scalability and cost savings of SaaS deployments.

Reduce your AD attack surface with simplicity and speed.

Securing identity, particularly Active Directory (AD), is essential to maintain business continuity across industries. The consequences of AD downtime are dire, with staggering costs reaching $730K per hour, as reported by Forrester. Plus, when you consider that 80 percent of breaches now involve the use of compromised identities, AD has become a prime target. Quest Security Guardian is an Active Directory security tool that addresses these challenges with comprehensive threat mitigation and secure Active Directory configuration.

AD Security Assessment

AD Security Assessment

Benchmark current Active Directory configuration against pre-defined industry best practices. You’ll have full visibility into IOEs, IOCs and Tier Zero assets. This Active Directory security tool not only helps with threat mitigation, but also attack surface reduction.

Critical Asset Focus in our Active Directory security tool

Critical Asset Focus

Identify and prioritize Tier Zero assets effortlessly, ensuring that your most exploitable components receive the utmost attention. Gain full control over these critical assets, enabling you to modify the Tier Zero list dynamically, so you're always aligned with your organization's evolving needs.
AD Threat Prevention

AD Threat Prevention

Secure critical AD objects from compromise and misconfiguration, including sensitive Group Policy Objects (GPOs). This Active Directory security tool delivers focused reports on object status, as well as the ability to effortlessly revert any unwanted changes to a previous, trusted state.

AD Threat Detection with Active Directory security tool

AD Threat Detection

Stay on top of your threat mitigation goals by using this Active Directory security tool to continuously monitor for IOCs and configuration drifts, ensuring that you'll be well-prepared for a faster response to potential security incidents.

Fast Incident Response with Active Directory security tool

Fast Incident Response

Grasp the who, what, where, how and when of suspicious activities with intelligent and contextual notifications that will help reduce alert fatigue. Seamlessly forward IOEs and IOCs to your SIEM tools, such as Microsoft Sentinel and Splunk, for seamless integration and centralized visibility.
Unified AD Security Workspace

Unified AD Security Workspace

Remove the complexity from AD security and focus on core operations with a friendly user interface that provides visibility into IOEs, IOCs and other security signals seamlessly.

Prysmian Group

Rebuilding an AD object that was improperly modified could take hours, which would impact operation ... the Quest object protection enables us to prevent such issues from arising in the first place.

Allessandro Bottin Global Infrastructure & Operation Manager, Prysmian Group

Large Retail Chain

We've had pen testers come in and be very surprised that they could not get past the Quest object protection.

Enterprise Administrator, Large Retail Chain