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Archive Shuttle

Quickly and securely migrate email archives from legacy systems like Enterprise Vault, EMC SourceOne and Archive Manager, to Microsoft 365 and other archiving solutions with Archive Shuttle by Quest. The industry-leading email archive migration software enables you to migrate legacy content dramatically faster than other solutions while preserving chain of custody and ensuring ZeroIMPACT to your users.

Note: Dell EMC SourceOne is reaching its end of life (EOL) date and Dell will no longer offer support. Affected customers can download a free tool to determine how much SourceOne data you will need to migrate. 

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Migrating enterprise email archives can be an exceptionally large and complex project. To be successful, you need to preserve the email interdependencies, mitigate bandwidth constraints, and deliver seamless user access throughout the migration.

Quadrotech Archive Shuttle is a proven archive migration tool that enables you to quickly migrate your email archive data and journals between archiving systems, including to Office 365 or Exchange, while maintaining compliance. With the help from email archive migration service specialists, you can:

  • Ensure zero impact on end-users by providing anytime access to archives
  • Preserve chain of custody with full audit trails and logging to mitigate risk
  • Move only what’s needed with intelligent filtering to reduce migration time and costs

Email Archive Migration Capabilities

With the understanding that not all email archive migration projects are the same, Quadrotech Archive Shuttle supports the diverse conditions found in enterprise environments, with customizable configurations to keep your stakeholders happy.
Fast, scalable migrations

Fast, scalable migrations

Archive Shuttle's Advanced Ingestion Protocol (AIP) cuts ingestion time and achieves speeds that are dramatically faster when migrating to Exchange or Office 365 when compared to traditional EWS or MAPI methods. The solution can transfer and manage huge volumes of data with a scalable, multithreaded approach while maintaining a lower ingestion error rate.
Preserves the chain of custody

Preserves the chain of custody

Mitigate legal and regulatory risk by migrating email archives with air-tight security. You can automatically create and store a unique digital fingerprint of every migrated item. This enables you to capture full audit trails during every step of the project, while validating that migrated data has not been corrupted or tampered with. You’ll also ensure superior fidelity, compared to traditional EWS methods, and preserve all folder structures and metadata, making chain of custody easier to validate.
ZeroIMPACT to users

ZeroIMPACT to users

Archive Shuttle features Sync'n'Switch which uncouples data synchronization from user migration, preventing user disruption while email is migrated from the legacy archive to the new platform. An operator controlled staged workflow synchronizes archived content in the background and then switches users to the new system once the sync is complete.
Inactive user process

Inactive user process

Archive Shuttle enables organizations to easily detect and define different migration workflows for archived data of former employees, removing the need for manual intervention.
Journal transformation

Journal transformation

Archive Shuttle has two email journal migration options, each fully compliant, and both ensure the 100% preservation of email content. The Journal transformation option takes every single email exported from a journal archive and places it into every sender/recipient on the email in a hidden portion of the user’s mailbox. And the Virtual Journal option involves splitting the journal archive over multiple mailboxes in Office 365.
Advanced automation

Advanced automation

Archive Shuttle automates many complex, time-consuming or repetitive tasks and also includes powerful capabilities for filtering on multiple email attributes. The solution uses extensive workflows to automate the extraction and ingestion of archive data eliminating risk with backups and data integrity checks throughout the entire process.

Supported Sources and Targets



Veritas Enterprise Vault

Microsoft 365 (Exchange Online)

EV Discovery Accelerator

Microsoft Exchange

EMC SourceOne / EmailXtender

Veritas Enterprise Vault

Quest Archive Manager

Cloud or Local storage (e.g., PST files)

Metalogix Archive Manager

GCC / GCC High

HP Autonomy / Zantaz EAS

Amazon S3

PST files

Azure BLOB

Quadrotech Archive Shuttle is the only certified product to support email archive migrations from Quest/Metalogix Archive Manager. No other vendor can provide end-to-end support when migrating content from these platforms.

Email Archive Migration Service

Our unique combination of powerful email archive migration software and experienced delivery team can help you modernize the use of legacy archives in your organization. Please contact our expert team to discuss your email archive migration project.

Customer Stories

Toyota Financial Services

Quadrotech helped us seamlessly migrate 15TB of data from Enterprise Vault to Exchange Online. The analysis and reporting was on-point alongside great customer care, and they delivered against every milestone we needed to hit.

Hemant Sohoni Intel Manager, Toyota Financial Services

Otto Group IT

We chose Quadrotech because during the RFP process they appeared to us to be the vendor with the most experience in Office 365 migration scenarios and also the one with the best service offerings.

Susanne Webel Senior Project Manager, Workplace Services Division, Otto Group IT

FAQs - Archive Shuttle

We are able to find the correct owner using metadata from various sources, including Active Directory, and automatically assign the legacy archive to their mailbox.
Yes, using custom workflows many options can be assigned to a profile. This enables a customized workflow to be created within the same solution, allowing you to perform staged migrations that reconfigure for different user types.
Archive Shuttle has a number of reporting options which allow you to get a total view of your migration progress and any issues that may arise during migration.

Tech Specs

  • Minimum 4, 8 Recommended
  • Minimum 4GB, 8GB recommended
  • 2GB of Free Space
  • Windows Server 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, 2016 and 2019
  • Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.5 or later
  • NET Framework 4.5.2 or later
  • Internet Explorer 9 or later
  • SQL Server 2012, 2014, 2016 and 2017

For a full list of system requirements, see the compatibility guide.

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