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Migration and Modernization for Microsoft platforms

Simplify Microsoft 365 migrations and modernize Active Directory to reduce the attack surface. Whether moving Microsoft 365 tenants for a merger or acquisition, or modernizing Active Directory (AD) to combat increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks, projects of this magnitude can take on a life of their own. But with 30+ years experience, we’ve seen it all before. With Quest, you can make Microsoft 365 migrations a non-event for end users to ensure continued productivity and collaboration, as well as consolidate AD to reduce the attack surface and mitigate risk. We help simplify planning, overcome unforeseen challenges and finish projects on time and on budget.

  • Modernize Active Directory to reduce the attack surface
  • Move Microsoft 365 workloads including Exchange, Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive
  • Enable a comprehensive Microsoft 365 analysis, migration and management strategy

Migration Matcher


Quest offers expertise and solutions to streamline Microsoft 365 tenant migrations to ensure continual productivity for end users, and modernize Active Directory to safeguard against a rapidly-evolving threat landscape.
Microsoft 365 migrations - Tenant migration

Tenant migration

Achieve seamless and secure migrations of all Microsoft 365 workloads with one comprehensive tenant-to-tenant migration solution. With Quest, you can simplify the consolidation and migration of Microsoft 365 tenants, covering workloads like Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams and on-premises Active Directory. With intuitive dashboards, you can maintain full visibility and real-time progress tracking while ensuring coexistence and continued end user productivity throughout the migration process.
Active Directory modernization and consolidation

Active Directory modernization and consolidation

Consolidate and modernize Active Directory due to mergers, acquisitions, or divestitures, or to better secure existing environments from emerging cyber threats. Whether you opt for a cloud-based SaaS solution, or an on-premises approach, Quest solutions offer the means to confidently integrate, unify, or redesign your on-premises or hybrid Active Directory environment. Both approaches offer full directory synchronization capabilities to keep migrated and un-migrated users, devices, and applications in sync during your migration.
Email migration

Email migration

Maintain uninterrupted email access during migrations with our comprehensive email migration solutions. Whether you need SaaS or on-premises tools, we’ve got you covered. Our email migration solutions not only move mail but also migrate permissions, delegates, public folders, shared mailboxes, and Exchange resource mailboxes to satisfy compliance requirements. Plus, our on-premises solutions allow for enterprise Exchange migrations to newer versions and Microsoft 365. You’ll have full visibility and control, ensuring seamless email communication throughout the transition.
Email archives and PSTs

Email archives and PSTs

Organizations with third-party email archive solutions like Enterprise Vault or Dell EMC SourceOne can use Quest email archive migration solutions to facilitate secure, rapid migration of legacy email archives to Microsoft 365, reducing manual search efforts, enhancing data protection and maximizing your existing investments in the cloud. In addition, our tools help you eliminate outdated Personal Storage Tables (PSTs), which are not only outdated, but increase your organization’s compliance risk.
Microsoft 365 migrations -Content migration

Content migration

Safely and easily migrate essential content for Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive to maintain seamless communication and collaboration. Our SaaS migration solution offers a user-friendly project management interface, ensuring visibility for staging, scheduling, and issue resolution. Users maintain access to their valuable data, including channels, conversations, and documents. You can also ensure fast content transfers to enhance collaboration to new SharePoint or SharePoint online environments, including Lotus Notes migrations.

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On Demand Migration

Microsoft 365 tenant migration for moving Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, and on-prem AD.

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On Demand Migration

Microsoft 365 tenant migration for moving Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, and on-prem AD.

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Migrator Pro for Active Directory

Consolidate Active Directory with advanced coexistence, customization and automation.

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Directory Sync Pro

Extend user collaboration with a powerful Active Directory sync solution

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On Demand Migration

Microsoft 365 tenant migration for moving Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, and on-prem AD.

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Migrator Pro for Exchange

Simplify your Microsoft Exchange modernization with a robust Exchange migration tool

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Professional Services Company

With help from Quest, we completed 12 IT integrations last year…. We met all the deadlines and primary objectives — including the critical goal of minimizing disruption for users.

Global Portfolio Director, Professional Services Company Read Case Study

Professional Services Company

Even though the source environment ended up being far more convoluted and complex than we thought, with the Quest toolset, we were able to bring the data across in a way that made it useful to our company.

Senior Portfolio Manager, Professional Services Company Read Case Study


If you have more Active Directory domains, for sure you will have more security issues if you have more points where you could be compromised.

Samuel Lopez Trenado User Lifecycle Supervisor, Holcim Read Case Study


Until we had a consolidated Active Directory with a single identity for users, we would not be able to bring the modern workplace systems we wanted into the business.

Himesh Katechia IT Business Partner, BAM Read Case Study



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