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Directory Sync Pro

Directory Sync Pro by Quest establishes and maintains an Active Directory sync between your Active Directory domains and forests. You can fully automate the process to be confident your data syncs correctly. Now, users in merging organizations and different domains can find each other in a unified Global Address List (GAL).

Directory Sync Pro

Unify your business with a shared directory

During a merger, it’s critical for your users to find each other so they can communicate and collaborate. Binary Tree Directory Sync Pro sets up and maintains an Active Directory sync between multiple AD .

Binary Tree Directory Sync Pro efficiently synchronizes all mail-enabled objects, including users, contacts, mail groups, distribution lists, databases, shared mailboxes, rooms, and resources. You also can do a “dry run” to test the directory synchronization. And it is flexible enough to adapt to any environment, from the simple to the complex, meeting unique needs for any organization.



Binary Tree Directory Sync Pro is designed to handle even the most complex scenarios. And because it’s easy to customize, you can also adapt it to meet any custom requirements.

Test the AD Sync

Binary Tree Directory Sync Pro lets you do a “dry run” of the sync. It shows you a report that lets you find and fix issues ahead of time. So, you can rest assured that your sync won’t disrupt your users.

End-user focus

Binary Tree Directory Sync Pro helps merging organizations coexist over the short or long term. Users benefit from a unified address book, which helps them communicate and collaborate effectively across the combined organization. Plus, it automatically syncs passwords, which keeps users productive—and reduces calls to the help desk.


For your convenience, Binary Tree Directory Sync Pro consolidates data about multiple directories into a single environment. Its detailed analytics let you get valuable insight and make fast decisions—without wasting time creating reports yourself. 


Synchronize Multiple Active Directory Forests
Migrate and Synchronize Passwords
Adapt the Software for Your Unique Requirements
Test the Synch Prior to Updating Your Directories
Synchronize Exchange Organizations
Synchronize Multiple Active Directory Forests

Synchronize Multiple Active Directory Forests

Binary Tree Directory Sync Pro synchronizes mail-enabled objects between multiple Active Directory forests: users, contacts, mail groups/distribution lists and their members, mail-in databases/shared mailboxes and rooms and resources.

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Unify your directories and Global Address Lists (GALs)

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