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Unified Endpoint Management

Discover, manage and secure your evolving hybrid workforce environment. Streamline complex endpoint management tasks and gain greater control of every endpoint in your environment. Enroll and co-manage your devices using both modern and traditional methods and gain peace of mind that every endpoint is accounted for, updated and secured. As your hybrid workforce evolves, a unified endpoint management strategy gives you the flexibility you need to continue with traditional management while you also implement modern endpoint management best practices.
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Keep track of every type of endpoint in your environment, co-manage your devices using either modern or traditional methods, and ensure comprehensive endpoint security for your hybrid workforce.


Enroll and inventory corporate or employee-owned devices and proactively manage them alongside laptops, computers, servers, noncomputer devices and internet-of-things technologies using a single console.


Automate and minimize your team’s management effort with an easy-to-use interface that offers powerful functionality.


Enhance security using discovery, inventory and patch management for all endpoints. Minimize risk by easily locating or wiping any lost or stolen mobile device.

Supported Platforms

Microsoft Windows

Run on multiple Microsoft® platforms, including Windows 10, to make it easy to work within your environment.


Simplify and run in a multi-OS environment. We built our products to support the Mac platform.


Use our unified endpoint management solutions in your Linux environment.

Internet of Things

Inventory all of your network-connected devices, including non-computing assets such as printers, AV equipment and scanners, via agentless discovery.


Chromebook management integration relieves you of the burden of using multiple solutions and consoles for your day-to-day work.