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SQL tools can help you increase productivity, reduce costs and protect your data. But not all SQL software provides the functionality you need to improve SQL Server management. Using native SQL tools or subpar solutions can actually cost you more in the long run.

What if you could take advantage of powerful SQL software that makes it easy to save time and reduce risk? This would mean you could increase DBA productivity while avoiding costly downtime. With our SQL Server tools, you’ll enable database administrators to cut their workload by up to 80 percent and focus on adding value to your business. Our industry-leading SQL Server software solutions allow you to:

  • Simplify performance management
  • Accelerate backup and recovery
  • Centralize administration
  • Manage and monitor single and multiple database platforms
  • Embrace CI/CD as a part of DevOps
  • Promote collaboration across teams
  • Ensure your SQL Server environment is up and running, effectively supported and secured


Monitor and diagnose single and multiple database platforms on-premises and in Azure, promote collaboration across teams, simplify performance management, protect your data, centralize administration and improve SQL Server health. It’s easy with the right solutions from Quest.
SQL Server performance monitoring

SQL Server performance monitoring

Easily optimize and tune with Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise. Ensure peak performance with unmatched monitoring, diagnosis and optimization. Gain access to the details you need for optimal SQL Server fitness. Get intuitive overviews of health and performance, automated alerts and actions, and mobile device support.

  • 24x7 SQL Server monitoring and diagnostics
  • Powerful root cause analysis
  • End-to-end monitoring
  • Multidimensional analysis
  • SQL analysis and Xpert tuning
  • System Healthcheck and Collective Intelligence
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Azure-hosted SQL Server performance monitoring

Azure-hosted SQL Server performance monitoring

Spotlight Cloud for SQL Server is a cloud-powered SQL Server performance monitoring solution that provides 24x7 monitoring, instant diagnostics and powerful tuning to ensure consistent performance and high availability. Because Spotlight Cloud is a SaaS offering, it lowers the cost of ownership and simplifies deployment and maintenance – making high end performance tuning accessible to organizations of any size and DBAs of any ability.

  • 24x7 operational monitoring
  • More than 200 SQL Server alarm types
  • Multi-dimensional workload analysis
  • Drill down to identify root cause of alarms
  • Blocking analysis
  • Smart Alarms with background and suggestions
  • Up to 12 months of historical data
SQL Server insight

SQL Server insight

Use Foglight to easily monitor complex and diverse database environments. Get valuable insight into all areas around database resources, workload analytics and change tracking. Receive a holistic view of multi-platform environments, including open-source and NoSQL, so you can collaborate among teams to find and fix performance issues before they put your databases at risk.

  • 24x7 operational monitoring
  • Built-in intelligence
  • Multi-dimensional workload analysis
  • Drill down to identify root cause of alarms
  • Adaptive baselines
  • Automated change tracking
  • Historical lock analysis
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SQL Server database management

SQL Server database management

Dramatically improve DBA productivity, ensure peak database performance and mitigate the risks of change. Toad for SQL Server and ApexSQL database management tools provide industry-leading capabilities and intuitive workflows to easily manage more databases.

  • SQL Server auditing and compliance
  • SQL and script group execute
  • Compare and sync
  • Transaction log read and recovery
  • SQL optimization
  • Performance testing
  • Data modeling
  • Task automation
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SQL Server backup and recovery

SQL Server backup and recovery

Use LiteSpeed to save up to 85 percent in backup size and duration (compared to competing solutions). We deliver high-speed, storage-efficient backup and restore for SQL Server databases with a wide variety of recovery options. Ensure the right SQL Server data is restored and available as quickly as possible.

  • Faster SQL Server backup and restore
  • Easier SQL Server management
  • Streamlined restoration
  • Targeted data and object recovery
  • Improved backup storage and speed by up to 85%
  • Direct integration from Azure, IBM TSM and others
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SQL Server Development, Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment

SQL Server Development, Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment

Deliver your applications faster by shortening database development cycles – without compromising quality or increasing risk. Leverage the benefits of CI and CD by including automated database development tasks with your application processes. With developer tools for SQL Server, you don’t have to choose between speed, quality, performance and reliability.

  • Generate synthetic test data
  • Add a data change audit trail
  • Create a data sync script
  • Plug into popular build servers
  • Automatically run SQL unit tests
  • Create a schema sync script
  • Orchestrate multiple steps and build from source control

Award-winning database management solutions

Award-winning database management solutions

Over multiple years, DBTA readers have chosen Quest® Information Management products as their top picks in the DBTA Readers’ Choice Awards. See why Quest is the number one solutions vendor chosen by IT professionals to modernize their database environments on-premises and in the cloud – year after year.

Named “Best Data Quality Solution”, "Best Data Replication Solution" and "Best DBA Solution" in the 2020 DBTA Readers’ Choice Awards.


The Essential Playbook for Optimized SQL Server Management
The Essential Playbook for Optimized SQL Server Management
The Essential Playbook for Optimized SQL Server Management
Discover the essentials of optimizing SQL Server management in your organization. Read our e-book to learn how successful database professionals optimize their SQL Server environment.
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Jenkon moves database backups 90 percent faster, optimizes SQL queries
Case Study
Jenkon moves database backups 90 percent faster, optimizes SQL queries
Jenkon moves database backups 90 percent faster, optimizes SQL queries
Facing tremendous growth and new market opportunities, Jenkon needed new tools to monitor performance and ensure quick backups for its customers’ SQL Server databases.
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Solving database monitor challenges
Online Event
Solving database monitor challenges
Solving database monitor challenges

The constantly evolving data landscape is prolonging issue-resolution time for data professionals. In this webcast, we’ll look at how the expansion of data platforms and the introduction of cloud-hosted infrastructures have increased complexity, risk and cost. We’ll also explore five common challenges with monitoring complex database environments and how to solve issues quickly.

You’ll learn how to easily:

  • Shorten the learning curve for adopting new database technologies
  • Get alerts on critical database problems and integrate issues into your incident management system
  • Pinpoint the root cause of database “slowness”
  • Report on key health indicators across the enterprise
  • Optimize the performance and cost of on-premises and cloud-hosted infrastructures
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Why it’s important to monitor the performance of your cloud instances and optimize the queries
Online Event
Why it’s important to monitor the performance of your cloud instances and optimize the queries
Why it’s important to monitor the performance of your cloud instances and optimize the queries

When you first move database workloads to the cloud, you may think you won’t have to worry much about performance or ongoing costs. Of course, the reality is quite different. Performance may become unpredictable and problematic.

Your manager may ask why your subscription costs are spiraling out of control. In this session, you’ll learn why it’s important to monitor the performance of your cloud instances and optimize queries to help control costs. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Monitor the performance of Oracle and SQL Server databases in AWS and Azure and track how much they cost to run
  • Improve performance and reduce compute costs by optimizing query efficiency
  • Compare the costs of running the same workload on different platforms and also different instance types, such as VMs, Managed Instances and Azure SQL DB
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