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Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise

Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise provides deep insight into database health

Easily optimize and tune SQL Server database performance monitoring on any device

SQL Server environments are becoming more and more complex while remaining a critical component of your application architecture. It’s a struggle to keep up with this continual growth without the right SQL monitoring tools. What if you could proactively manage your SQL Server environment and diagnose database performance issues by viewing the health of all of your SQL Server instances on a single screen, anytime, anywhere on any device? You can! with the right MS SQL monitoring tool.

With Spotlight® on SQL Server Enterprise, you can manage your SQL Server environment while also gaining visibility into your operating system – Windows or Linux – and monitor your virtualization infrastructure as well. Make configuration a breeze with template configuration, automated alerts and customizable actions. Spend less time fighting fires, by accurately diagnosing both real-time, and historical database performance issues, and focus on more proactive measures like query tuning.

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