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Monitor, manage and resolve performance issues across your infrastructure

Stop guessing and save time! Foglight supports:

  • Deep-dive monitoring for Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, DB2 and SAP database environments
  • Open source and NoSQL databases with powerful monitoring and diagnostics for MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and Cassandra
  • Microsoft Azure and AWS monitoring with ease and unlimited history
  • Automation, management and monitoring of VMware and Hyper-V
  • Business operations performance with monitoring for Active Directory and Exchange

Optimize performance across your databases and virtual infrastructure

Go beyond basic performance monitoring with Foglight® to quickly identify and resolve performance issues across your physical, virtual and cloud environments. Foglight products easily integrate with your existing tools, so you can monitor and analyze data from almost any source across your infrastructure and view it through a single interface. And with our fully customizable dashboards, you’re able to zero in on what matters most to your organization and view data in ways that are relevant to your business, giving you the database visibility you need while boosting overall productivity.

With Foglight, you’re able to proactively detect, monitor, manage and resolve performance issues before they impact the business.


Foglight Hybrid Data Center Performance Management has got you covered from your virtual machines to your storage infrastructure and beyond with high-performing integrated modules designed to optimize, automate and lower costs across your entire IT environment.

Infrastructure performance monitoring

Performance management for the hybrid data center

Optimize the configuration, performance and utilization of your cloud, hypervisors, VMs and storage, and gain end-to-everything visibility across your hybrid infrastructure. Leverage real-time and historical data, as well as reporting capabilities, to inform your decision making and get critical insights into your future capacity needs. Automate, optimize, monitor and forecast capacity for VMware, Hyper-V, Azure, AWS and physical servers.

Database monitoring

Performance monitoring for databases

Ensure optimal database performance with comprehensive database performance monitoring tools and advanced workload analytics. Consolidate and standardize database performance management across your diverse multi-platform environments to promote collaboration, improve service levels and reduce costs.