Active Directory migration and management

Active Directory management, migration, compliance, auditing and security.

Make your Microsoft® Active Directory® (AD) environment secure, compliant and available. Our solutions for AD management, security, auditing and migration elevate performance. Take advantage of unique AD tools and solutions for:

  • Automation and provisioning
  • Compliance and audits
  • Security
  • Disaster recovery
  • Migration and directory consolidation

These solutions work across Unix, Linux, Mac OS, Java and other business applications. With more than 149 million accounts managed, 101 million accounts audited and 72 million accounts migrated, we are the clear leader when it comes to AD.

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Accelerate efficiency, bolster protection, strengthen productivity, improve compliance, reduce costs and become cloud-ready with our AD migration and management solutions.

AD automation and provisioning

Increase productivity by automating day-to-day AD management — including end-user account provisioning and deprovisioning. Synchronize user accounts from AD across your enterprise (including Unix, Linux and Mac OS). Securely delegate AD administration using a least-privilege model to ensure security and compliance.

AD security

Protect your critical data and AD configurations (including OUs and Group Policy). Our AD security solutions enforce policies, and eliminate unregulated access to resources. Benefit from two-factor authentication, password management, user and group access control and real-time user activity reporting. Ensure your AD is secure before you move to the cloud.

AD compliance and audits

Pass your next audit with ease. Our AD auditing, compliance and IT governance solutions help you inventory infrastructure, audit changes over time, prevent unauthorized changes in real time, plus store and report on critical changes to AD — all from a single interface. You can also automate data collection across your AD infrastructure, and eliminate the overhead of native AD auditing.

AD backup and recovery

Maintain maximum uptime and prevent productivity losses due to human error or hardware/software failures. With automated backups, you can quickly restore AD to pinpoint changes and granularly recover specific data—all without taking Active Directory offline. Automate the restoration of your entire domain or AD forest in the event of a major disaster or AD corruption—in a fraction of the time of native tools.

AD migrations and consolidations

Ensure a successful AD migration, consolidation or restructuring project. Our solutions for directory consolidations, AD-Exchange synchronization and migrations smooth the inevitable rough edges and relieve stress when melding IT infrastructures, reducing enterprise directories and migrating AD or Windows file server data to Microsoft’s latest platforms.

Azure AD management

Get cloud-ready with our solutions for AD migration and consolidation, management and recovery. Simplify management and security with AD tools for Azure, and modernize your AD infrastructure to support cloud-based applications.

AD monitoring

Easily identify and understand the causes of Active Directory replication, performance and availability issues — problems that are compounded when your AD resides in the cloud or a hybrid environment. Our solutions for AD monitoring enable you to manage and monitor service levels so you spend less time resolving performance bottlenecks and more time optimizing your infrastructure.

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