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Active Directory (AD) Management & Migration

Active Directory (AD) is the backbone of your organization, providing authentication and authorization for every critical resource across your environment. Therefore, you must manage AD as a security asset, not just as infrastructure.

Whether you’re running AD, Azure AD (now Entra ID) or a hybrid environment, Quest is the go-to software vendor for everything Microsoft Active Directory. With Quest, you have one partner and one set of Active Directory tools to address all of your AD migration, management and cybersecurity resilience needs.

How to identify Active Directory attack paths before cyberattackers do 02:44

Quest is the AD and Entra ID authority, boasting a portfolio with defense in depth and decades of reliability. In fact, Gartner lists Quest as an example vendor more than double any other vendor in its 2022 IAM Best Practices for Active Directory research.

Thousands of customers, including 82% of the Fortune 100 and 46% of the Fortune 1000, have partnered with Quest to dramatically reduce risk.


AD accounts managed


accounts audited


AD accounts migrated

Your go-to Active Directory migration and consolidation solution

As mergers and acquisitions increase, AD consolidation and restructuring is becoming more complex. You must plan carefully so that you don’t miss key dependencies or overlook critical resources and user groups that must be migrated.
ZeroIMPACT AD migration, consolidation and restructuring

ZeroIMPACT AD migration, consolidation and restructuring

Restructure and consolidate your AD during business hours with no downtime or service disruption. True coexistence maintains seamless user access to all network resources, regardless of their migration status.

Your go-to Active Directory management solution

Quest Active Directory management solutions automate a wide range of everyday tasks to save you save time and money while minimizing security risks. The breadth of our portfolio is unmatched.

AD account management
Group Policy management
AD health and availability
AD account lifecycle management
Automate critical identity administration tasks, such as provisioning, de-provisioning, group management, and identity lifecycle management across your entire hybrid AD environment. Synchronize user accounts from AD across Unix, Linux and Mac OS.

Your go-to Active Directory security solution

Strengthen your cyber resilience against the next hybrid Active Directory security threat with go-to solutions that enable you to secure your internal environment as tightly as your perimeter and ensure continuous regulatory compliance.
Identify exposure
Detect and alert
Investigate and recover
Prove compliance

It’s fairly easy for a disgruntled or careless privileged user to wreak havoc since everything relies on Active Directory. If AD is down, your entire network is down. It’s clear that proper governance is key to preventing breaches and effectively mitigating insider threats. Quest solutions help automate administration tasks, including user provisioning and deprovisioning, to close security holes and reduce risk. Approval-based workflows add an extra layer of governance and control.

  • Simplify user and group administration
  • Tightly control privileged access
  • Safely manage GPOs with approval-based workflow

Featured products

Migrator Pro for Active Directory

Consolidate Active Directory with advanced coexistence, customization and automation.

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Control and simplify Group Policy management.

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Active Administrator for Active Directory Health

Ensure the health and availability of AD with troubleshooting and diagnostics tools.

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SpecterOps BloodHound Enterprise

Identify, quantify and prioritize attack paths so you can secure Active Directory from every angle.

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Active Roles

Secure and automate the administration, access and provisioning of users and groups for AD/AzureAD

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Security Guardian

Quest Security Guardian is an Active Directory security tool that simplifies hybrid AD security.

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Avera Health

If we’d had a 90 percent success rate, that would have been good, but we achieved 99 percent! That is just outstanding and really hard to believe….It’s almost mind-blowing.

Curtis Mavity Senior Systems Engineer, Avera Health Read Case Study


We have peace of mind, knowing that our global data is protected and safe with Recovery Manager for Active Directory, even though we haven’t had to use it for a while.

Marc Denman Senior Systems Support Specialist, Amway Read Case Study

Large Retail Chain

Change Auditor object protection is a lifesaver. I have it set up to prevent changes to the ACLs on certain directories on our file servers, as well as to protect all administrative accounts. We’ve had pen testers come in and be very surprised that they could not get past the Change Auditor object protection

Enterprise Administrator, Large Retail Chain Read Case Study



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