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On Demand Audit

Streamline security, compliance & change auditing for hybrid Microsoft environments. As you move more workloads to the Microsoft cloud, your reliance on Azure AD will increase, and so will the risk and complexity in securing your hybrid environment. Unfortunately, the Office 365 and Azure AD security logs do not provide consolidated views of on-premises and cloud activity, and system-provided tools do not make it easy to identify exploits, vulnerabilities, and suspicious activity. Quest® On Demand Audit tracks all configuration, user and administrator changes made across AD, Azure AD, file servers, network-attached storage, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Teams. On Demand Audit proactively highlights security vulnerabilities and anomalous activity, and accelerates incident investigations through responsive search and contextual, interactive data visualizations. 
Quickly investigate incidents and secure your hybrid environment in a single hosted dashboard with our Office 365 auditing tool - On Demand Audit.
Overview of On Demand Audit 07:25

On Demand Audit is an Azure-hosted SaaS solution that provides visibility and insight into all configuration, user and administrator changes made across AD, Azure AD, file servers, network-attached storage, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Teams. On Demand Audit combines on-premises threat prevention provided by Change Auditor with dynamic vulnerability assessment, automatic anomaly detection and contextual visualizations to mitigate costly attacks and speed security investigations.

What you get

Security dashboard
Critical asset protection
Integrated anomaly detection
Remediate AD attack paths
Hybrid auditing
Flexible search
Security dashboard

Security vulnerability dashboard

Analyze event data from on-prem and Office 365 workloads for a single view of security vulnerabilities and anomalous activity across your hybrid environment. Be alerted to indicators of compromise (IOCs), including Kerberos exploits, offline extraction of the AD database, unauthorized domain replication, changes to sensitive groups and roles, as well as unusual spikes in sign-in failures, account lockouts and activity by external guest users. Accelerate investigations through contextual visualizations to detect and stop breaches before they wreak havoc in your network.

That’s not all!

Interactive data visualizations

Transform millions of on-premises and Office 365 audit events into interactive visual dashboards that help you simplify compliance reporting and investigate incidents faster.

Threat prevention

Integrate with Change Auditor to block attackers from lateral movement by stopping them from making changes to on-premises groups and GPOs or exfiltrating your AD database to steal credentials – regardless of the privileges they’ve hijacked.

360° security protection

From upfront vulnerability assessment to intrusion detection and monitoring of compromised accounts, Change Auditor has you covered at every step.

Normalized audit view

Unlike Office 365 auditing using Microsoft-provided tools, On Demand Audit translates raw audit logs into a meaningful, normalized format. On Demand highlights the most important event details, including before and after values, so you can make quick decisions where your security is concerned.

Long-term storage

On Demand Audit stores audit history for up to 10 years at a fixed subscription price. This enables you to keep the audit data you need to satisfy security and compliance policies, without increasing your own Azure storage costs.

Granular, delegated access

In just a few clicks with On Demand Audit, you can give your security and compliance teams, help desk staff, IT managers and even external auditors and partners exactly the reports they need and nothing more. On Demand Audit provides granular, delegated access to safely empower users to get the insights they need without making any configuration changes and or setting up additional infrastructure.

On-prem, cloud or hybrid? Quest has you covered!

On-prem, cloud or hybrid? Quest has you covered!
For truly comprehensive Office 365 auditing, upgrade to the On Demand Audit Hybrid Suite for Office 365, which includes On Demand Audit, Change Auditor for Active Directory and Change Auditor for Logon Activity. On Demand Audit consolidates and correlates Change Auditor’s in-depth, high-fidelity on-prem audit data together with cloud activity from Azure AD and Office 365 workloads to get a single, hosted view of all changes across your hybrid environment.

Screenshot Tour

Security vulnerability dashboard
Critical asset protection
Automated anomaly detection
Interactive visualizations
Normalized audit view
Active Directory auditing
On-premises logon activity
On-premises file auditing
Azure AD auditing
Azure AD sign-ins
Teams auditing
Exchange Online auditing
Security vulnerability dashboard in our Office 365 auditing tool

Security vulnerability dashboard

Analyze event data from on-prem and Office 365 workloads for a single view of security vulnerabilities and anomalous activity across your hybrid environment.

Why Quest On Demand?

Fast, easy setup

Onboard with ease. Start auditing in minutes. No installation, no upgrades, no complex configuration — no sweat!

Secure and reliable SaaS

Quest On Demand delivers the security standards, service level and scalability that you need, backed by award-winning, global support ready to help you 24/7/365.

Rapid innovation

We keep pace with Microsoft updates so you don’t have to. Automatic updates deliver new features and security patches quickly and without any effort on your part.

ISO certifications

ISO certifications
Quest On Demand is included in the scope of the Platform Management ISO/IEC 27001, 27017 and 27018 certification.


Available in the following Microsoft Azure regions:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • North Europe
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

The following web browsers are supported with On Demand:

  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Google Chrome (latest version)
  • Mozilla Firefox (latest version)

On Demand Audit supports integration with Change Auditor version 7.0.3 or later.

Industry recognition

Singapore Business Review

Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards



On Demand Audit Hybrid Suite for Office 365

Search and investigate changes made on prem or in the cloud from a single, hosted dashboard.

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