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On Demand Recovery

Establish a complete Entra ID recovery plan that minimizes downtime with no impact on end users. On Demand Recovery makes it possible. Run difference reports comparing your backups with live Entra ID to identify cloud-only users or attributes and pinpoint specific changes or deletions. Granularly search and restore exactly what you need or recover multiple users, groups and group memberships in bulk without PowerShell. Mitigate the risk of data loss or service outage from human error and save valuable time and resources.

Microsoft Azure AD Backup & Recovery Gaps | Quest 01:34

Complete Active Directory and Entra ID recovery are essential for every organization. But with organizations having more users and data across Entra ID that need to be protected, a solid on-premises AD recovery plan alone isn’t sufficient any longer. Today you need to protect cloud-only objects such as Microsoft 365 and Entra ID groups, Azure B2B accounts, conditional access policies and more. On Demand Recovery will help your organization realize a complete Entra ID recovery plan that encompasses your entire hybrid environment.


Cloud restoration

Expand the protection of both your Azure and Azure AD recovery by easily restoring hybrid and cloud objects including: user accounts, B2B users, Office 365 and Azure AD groups, applications and devices.

Cloud backup

Fortify your AAD recovery plans by backing up and restoring cloud-only attributes for hybrid objects: Membership in cloud-only groups, application roles assignments, directory role membership, Office License type, authentication contact info including MFA settings and Azure application custom attributes.

Intuitive recovery dashboard

Integrate with Recovery Manager for Active Directory for a complete hybrid Azure AD recovery solution for true peace of mind. Pairing these solutions delivers a single recovery dashboard for both hybrid and cloud-only objects. Get details and capabilities that native tools don’t provide, run difference reports and restore changes directly from the report.

Difference reporting

Run difference reports to compare changes or deletions made in both on-prem AD and Azure AD with any previous backup. Select and roll back only what’s required rather than restoring the entire object. This enables simple, fast recovery directly from the reporting interface.

Comprehensive, bulk recovery

Recover multiple on-prem AD, Azure AD and Office 365 users, groups, attributes and other object properties at the same time, without requiring PowerShell scripting. Easily restore almost anything that has been deleted — either accidentally or maliciously.

Single admin interface

Restore users, groups, attributes and other object properties in minutes rather than hours while removing the need to access multiple admin interfaces on premises and in Azure AD.

Granular search and restore

Search for modified or deleted on-premises and cloud-only objects, either entire user accounts or just specific attributes, and restore exactly what you need. Reduce the risk of manual error and ensure all recovery-related tasks are auditable.

Secure, encrypted backups

Ensure top-level AAD recovery by easily and securely backing up critical data in Azure Storage, including Azure AD and Office 365 users, attributes, groups, group memberships as well as Azure applications. Choose the backup retention period that best fits your company’s compliance needs and never worry about not being able to recover what you need.

Restore hard-deleted mailbox data

When Office 365 mailboxes are deleted - either intentionally or mistakenly – you lose the connection between the Office 365 mailbox and email data. On Demand Recovery re-connects a user’s mailbox to their mailbox data. Quickly restore user access with no email data loss and minimal impact on productivity.


Quest On Demand overview
Recovery dashboard
Difference reporting
Object search and restore
In-depth chart view
Quest On Demand overview Azure AD disaster recovery tool

Quest On Demand overview

Quickly access and manage Azure AD recovery from a simple interface.


Available in the following Microsoft Azure regions:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • North Europe
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

ISO certifications

ISO certifications
Quest On Demand is included in the scope of the Platform Management ISO/IEC 27001, 27017 and 27018 certification.


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