Recovery Manager

Simple and effective AD, Azure AD, Office 365 and Exchange disaster recovery

Reduce your recovery time from a forest-level Active Directory disaster by 95%

Human error and hardware or software failures can easily corrupt critical systems such as Active Directory (AD), Azure AD, Office 365 or Exchange. With a proper backup and recovery solution, you’ll be able to quickly recover an individual mailbox, AD object, permission, email or file all the way up to a server or complete AD forest failure. You’ll also mitigate the risk of large data loss as a result of cybersecurity breaches.

We make it easier than ever to avoid data loss and maintain business continuity with disaster recovery solutions for:

With more than 149 million accounts managed, we are the clear leader when it comes to rapid, automated recovery of your business-critical data.


Comprehensive recovery

Restore any object, whether on premises or in the cloud, including users, attributes, groups, organizational units (OUs), computers, subnets, sites, mailboxes, archives, etc. Quest helps you significantly reduce downtime and get affected users back to work quickly. You’ll be able to eliminate downtime as well as negative impact on network users.

Online granular restore

Restore individual mailboxes, mailbox data and attributes, such as account settings, group memberships and Group Policies, even when the object itself has been modified. This enables you to restore only the required attributes without having to restore entire objects or take a domain controller offline.

Difference reporting for Active Directory and Azure AD

Highlight changes made since the last backup by comparing the online state with your backup or by comparing multiple backups. Accelerate recovery by quickly pinpointing deleted or changed objects or attributes.

Hybrid AD and Azure AD recovery

Recovery Manager integrates with Quest On Demand Recovery to deliver a complete hybrid AD disaster recovery solution and give you peace of mind. With Quest On Demand, you get a single recovery dashboard to differentiate hybrid and cloud-only objects, run difference reports between production and real-time backups, and restore all changes, whether on premises or in Azure AD.


Microsoft platform disasters can bring your organization to a grinding halt, so it’s imperative that you be able to handle whatever comes your way with fast and effective disaster recovery. No matter the Microsoft platform, Quest has you covered.

Reduce your recovery time from a forest-level Active Directory disaster by 95%

Active Directory

Quickly recover from unauthorized changes to ensure minimal loss of productivity and data with automated recovery of users, groups, permissions, AD objects, Group Policies (GPOs) and individual object attributes. Our recovery solutions can help recover entire domain controllers, domains or even forests in the event of a disaster, plus create a virtual lab using production data for testing disaster recovery plans.

Quickly, securely backup and recover Azure Active Directory and Office 365

Azure AD and Office 365

Whether you’re running a hybrid AD environment with Azure AD Connect, or have cloud-only objects or attributes that aren’t synchronized, it’s imperative for security and compliance purposes to ensure the availability and integrity of Azure AD and Office 365. With On Demand Recovery, you get easy-to-use backups, granular restores and change reporting of Azure AD and Office 365 users, attributes, groups and group memberships from a single console.

Get past email disruptions 74% faster than native tools with Recovery Manager

Exchange and Exchange Online

Quickly restore mailboxes and mailbox permissions for Exchange and Exchange Online. Our Exchange recovery solutions are perfect for hybrid environments and e-discovery requests, and help ensure availability and security of Exchange environments.