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Simplified Office 365 migration, management and security

Embrace Microsoft® Office 365® and Azure® Active Directory® (AD) and maximize your investment without debilitating cost, risk, complexity or uncertainty. Quest solutions for Office 365 and Azure AD help you stay in control, whether in Office 365 or a hybrid environment so you can:

  • Clean up and modernize your existing environment to properly plan for and ensure a successful migration to Office 365, Azure AD or a hybrid environment
  • Ensure a ZeroIMPACT Office 365 migration and finish your project up to 10x faster
  • Improve your security posture, ensure continuous compliance and take full control of Office 365, Azure AD and hybrid AD
  • Manage your cloud or hybrid environment with ease using automated solutions for user lifecycle management, provisioning and de-provisioning, recovery, and license optimization reporting

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Conquer the challenges of Office 365, Azure AD and hybrid AD management with Quest solutions to help simplify cloud migrations, security and management.

Pre-migration cloud readiness

Get your house in order so you’re prepared for what’s next. Quest solutions for pre-migration readiness make it easier than ever to clean up your current environment and get optimized before migrating to the cloud or a hybrid environment. Take inventory of all current users, mailboxes and data, get rid of what’s no longer needed and clean up what is, and get more visibility into security gaps to make sure your new environment is air tight.

ZeroIMPACT Office 365 migration

Get to the cloud or a hybrid environment up to 10x faster. Quest ZeroIMPACT Office 365 migration solutions simplify and automate migration tasks so you can minimize risk, uncertainty and business disruption. Keep users working and productive throughout the migration with seamless directory and free/busy coexistence between legacy platforms and Office 365. And easily back up your data so it can be restored in minutes during or after a migration to Office 365.

Office 365 and Azure AD security and auditing

Improve your security posture, ensure continuous compliance and take full control of Office 365, Azure AD and hybrid AD.

  • Permissions management — Easily discover who has access to sensitive individual or shared Office 365 mailboxes.
  • Privileged account management — Satisfy compliance requirements and overcome the security shortcomings of native AD, Azure AD and Office 365 by enforcing administrator access control and separation of duties through a least privilege model.
  • Compliance auditing — Track, report and alert on all changes to Azure AD and Office 365 in real time, such as permission or group membership changes, mailboxes created or deleted and non-owner mailbox access. Translate events into simple terms and eliminate the time and complexity required for auditing.
  • Hybrid AD security — Improve your hybrid AD security posture by taking control of your on-premises Active Directory. Our unique end-to-end solution helps continually assess hybrid AD, detect and alert of potential security breaches, remediate and mitigate ANY unauthorized actions, and investigate and recover from a security incident.

Office 365 and Azure AD management

Stay in control of your Office 365, Azure AD or hybrid AD environment with ease using automated solutions for user lifecycle management and provisioning, recovery, and license optimization reporting.

  • Provisioning and policy management — Say goodbye to the tedious, error-prone and time-consuming native tools by automating all provisioning/de-provisioning, policy and user lifecycle management tasks across your hybrid AD and Office 365 environment.
  • Recovery — Simplify Exchange data recovery from multiple locations such as Exchange Online, Exchange on-premises, backups and PST files, enabling you to respond to end user and e-Discovery requests quickly.
  • License optimization — Get a 360-degree view of your Office 365 tenant from a single view. Track mailbox usage and storage trends, report on which Office 365 subscription and services users are entitled, and discover inactive accounts that can be removed.

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