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Enterprise Reporter for Office 365

Discover and report on critical Microsoft Azure and Office 365 data. Millions rely on Microsoft Azure and Office 365 every day for their enterprise applications. But with users storing more and more sensitive data in Office 365 and Azure, you must be vigilant about security and compliance.

Enterprise Reporter for Office 365 helps ensure the security of Azure Active Directory (AD), Azure resources, Exchange Online, Microsoft Teams and OneDrive for Business environments. Detailed, customizable reports help you protect sensitive data and prepare for internal and external audits. Automated reports help you reduce IT workloads while ensuring stakeholders have the information they need, when they need it.

Secure the rest of your hybrid environment by extending your visibility with Enterprise Reporter Suite.
Enterprise Reporter for Office 365

Key Benefits

Increased visibility

Improve security and compliance with visibility into critical IT asset configurations.

Enhanced permissions management

Stay on top of who can access Azure AD and Office 365.

Strong Teams management

Avoid group sprawl in your Office 365 environment with visibility into Microsoft Teams.

Optimized licenses

Easily optimize Office 365 licenses and Azure resource consumption with increased visibility.

Simplified migrations

Pinpoint Azure AD user and group dependencies, matching conflicts, and disabled accounts.


Security and compliance

Gain visibility into the configuration of critical IT assets in Azure AD, Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business and Azure-hosted resources. Comprehensive reports provide the insight necessary to ensure cloud security, as well as compliance with internal policies and external regulations.

Insight into permissions

Stay on top of who can access which resources across your Microsoft Azure and Office 365 environment, including Azure AD, Exchange Online, Microsoft Teams and OneDrive for Business, with permissions reporting on:

  • Azure AD users, groups, roles, applications and devices
  • Shared files and folders across OneDrive for Business
  • Mailboxes and public folders in Exchange Online
  • Azure resources, including VMs, disks, network security groups, storage accounts and more

Microsoft Teams assessment

Quickly discover and report on what Microsoft Teams exist in your Office 365 environment, who the Team members are, and how the Team is being used. Enterprise Reporter for Office 365 makes it easy to stay on top of Microsoft Teams growth to avoid group sprawl and monitor usage.

Visibility into tenants, subscriptions and licensing

Easily optimize Office 365 license allocation and service plan decisions with visibility into your tenants, subscriptions and licensing service plans.

Azure-hosted resource optimization

Get additional visibility into resources, like virtual machines and disks hosted in Azure with information on how many, how large, how they are configured and more, so you can continue optimizing your environment and save on licensing costs.

Pre-migration assessment

Ensure a smooth domain migration or consolidation project by pinpointing Azure AD user and group dependencies, matching conflicts and disabled accounts before the migration starts.

Scalable data collection

Scale to Azure and Office 365 environments of any size and location. Schedule collections during off-peak hours to minimize the impact on network and server performance, and leverage the distributed collection architecture for load balancing.

Customizable reports

Perform efficient, effective data analysis and satisfy the unique informational needs of your organization using predefined reports or by creating new reports with additional attributes. Customize any report with advanced filtering, and choose from multiple formats, including PDF, HTML, MHT, RTF, XLS, XLSX, CSV, text and images.

Automated reporting workflows

Ensure stakeholders get the reports they need, when they need them, with automated report generation and flexible delivery schedules that can be sent via email.

Separation of duties (SoD)

Honor departmental and business function boundaries by enabling auditors, helpdesk staff, IT managers and other stakeholders get exactly the reports they need and nothing more.


Office 365 reporting
Azure AD Users
Exchange Online reporting
OneDrive for Business reporting
Azure resource reporting
Optimize license allocation
Hybrid reporting
Hybrid permission reporting
OneDrive storage quotas
Azure resource permissions
Office 365 reporting

Office 365 reporting

Comprehensive reporting on Office 365 permissions and configurations


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