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Enterprise Reporter Suite

Simplify Microsoft Platform security and compliance reporting with a complete  enterprise security reporter solution

Without an effective enterprise security reporter solution, systems and security administrators have a wide range of responsibilities today including security assessments, pre- and post-migration analysis, resource optimization and more. With manual methods, keeping up with these responsibilities can seem like a Herculean task that eats up precious time and resources.

Enterprise Reporter Suite helps you keep your complete Microsoft environment secure and compliant — both on premises and in the cloud. Comprehensive access assessments and built-in reporting provide deep visibility into Azure resources, users, groups, permissions and much more.

Plus, the Enterprise Reporter Suite includes Security Explorer®, so you can quickly take action from within the Enterprise Reporter user interface to manage access controls, permissions and security.

Key benefits

Powerful permissions audits
Deliver real-time assessments into who has access to what resources across your environment.
Strong Teams management
Avoid group sprawl in your Office 365 environment with visibility into Microsoft Teams.
Increased visibility
Improve security and compliance by increasing visibility into critical IT asset configurations.
Optimized licenses
Easily optimize Office 365 licenses and Azure resource consumption with increased visibility.
Limitless scalability
Scalable, secure and customizable enterprise security reporter to support large and complex Windows environments.

Supported platforms

Exchange/Exchange Online
Office 365
Windows servers
OneDrive for Business
SQL Server
Azure resources
Microsoft Teams


Security and compliance

Improve compliance with security best practices, internal policies and external regulations with visibility into all critical IT configurations in your Microsoft environment, including groups, roles, mailboxes, public folders, permissions, security configurations, storage accounts and much more with this complete enterprise security reporter.

Security Explorer integration

Report, review and take action on enterprise-wide permissions from a single, centralized view. Back up permissions to establish a baseline and make targeted or bulk changes with the ability to rollback as needed. Backups can even be restored to an alternate location to ensure continuity on new servers.

Access assessment

Know who has access to what resources across your enterprise network. Tighten security and pass IT audits by ensuring that access is provided strictly on a need-to-know basis.

Improved insights with IT Security Search

Correlate disparate IT data from numerous systems and devices into an interactive search engine for fast security incident response and forensic analysis. Include user entitlements and activity, event trends, suspicious patterns and more with rich visualizations and event timelines.

Pre- and post-migration analyses

Plan for a migration or consolidation project with increased visibility into user and group dependencies, object matches and potential conflicts, and unused or disabled accounts as well as where resources, computers, files and folders exist. Easily decide what needs to be migrated before you begin and ensure the correct data and permissions were migrated after the move.

Microsoft Teams assessment

Quickly discover and report on what Microsoft Teams exist in your Office 365 environment, who the Team members are, and how the Team is being used. Enterprise Reporter for Office 365 makes it easy to stay on top of Microsoft Teams growth to avoid group sprawl and monitor usage, ensuring you have an efficient enterprise security reporter.

Tenant and hosted resource optimization

Optimize Office 365 license allocation and service plan decisions as well as Azure resource usage. Gain visibility into cloud licenses and subscriptions, virtual machines and disk deployment, including how many, how large, how they are configured and more, so you can save on unnecessary and under-utilized resources.

Capacity planning

Report on and manage storage capacity planning and allocation on a variety of devices, including Windows file servers, network attached storage (NAS) and storage area networks (SANs).

Scalable data collection

Scale to environments of any size and geographic distribution. Schedule collections during off-peak hours to minimize the impact of data collection on network and server performance, and leverage the distributed collection architecture for load balancing.

Efficient storage

Reduce database storage requirements and save more change history data by comparing discoveries and storing only the changes.

Automated reporting workflows

Ensure stakeholders get the reports they need, when they need them, with automated report generation and flexible scheduling of report delivery.

Separation of duties (SoD)

Honor departmental and business function boundaries by enabling auditors, help desk staff, IT managers and other stakeholders to get exactly the reports they need and nothing more.

Customizable reports

Perform effective data analysis that meets the unique informational needs of your organization using predefined reports or creating new reports. Customize with advanced filtering and export multiple formats, including PDF, HTML, MHT, RTF, XLS, XLSX, CSV, text and images.

Common reporting portal

Export reports to our software knowledge portal for a unified reporting interface across the entire family of Quest security and compliance solutions.

    Complete platform reporting

  • Get comprehensive reporting on multiple Microsoft platforms in one console

    Complete platform reporting
  • Configuration Manager

  • Create and manage job collections in a single place

    Configuration Manager
  • Customize report layout

  • Customize the design and layout of reports to suit your needs

    Customize report layout
  • Field customization

  • Customize out-of-the box reports by adding additional fields

    Field customization
  • Quick remediation

  • Remediate permissions and group membership using Security Explorer

    Quick remediation
  • IT Security Search

  • Display state-based data through integration with IT Security Search

    IT Security Search
  • Extend attributes

  • Easily collect additional attributes for AD, WMI and Active Roles

    Extend attributes

Tech specs

For more information see the release notes.


Enterprise Reporter Suite
Enterprise Reporter Suite
Enterprise Reporter Suite
Simplify Microsoft on-premises and cloud-based platform security and compliance reporting
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