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Enterprise Reporter for Exchange

Gain valuable security insights into Exchange and Exchange Online. Now more than ever, email security is critical for organizations of all sizes. Information residing in mailboxes and public folders is sensitive and often becomes subject to compliance efforts and security breaches. As an IT administrator, you need complete visibility into mailboxes, mailbox folders, public folders, permissions, mail-enabled users and distribution groups to stay ahead of potential security vulnerabilities, both on premises and in the cloud. On a daily basis, you need to know who has access to which sensitive mailboxes and public folders; if the configurations of your Exchange servers changed; and which users have access in both Exchange and Exchange Online.
Enterprise Reporter for Exchange

With Enterprise Reporter for Exchange, you get the visibility you need to understand who has access to what across your Exchange and Exchange Online environments. Predefined and customizable reports on mailboxes, mailbox folders, public folders, permissions, mail-enabled users and distribution groups help you keep your email systems secure, and prepare for internal and external audits.

Extend your visibility beyond Exchange and Exchange Online and improve security in other Office 365 workloads with Enterprise Reporter Suite.

Enhance security & compliance

Get a view of permissions and configurations across both Exchange and Exchange Online.

Automate discovery & reports

View details on the configuration of Exchange and Exchange Online.

Uncover security vulnerabilities

Discover who has access to sensitive individual or shared mailboxes and public folders.

Honor departmental boundaries

Enable various stakeholders to get exactly the reports they need and nothing more.


Hybrid environment visibility into access and permissions

Gain visibility into hybrid Exchange deployments including which mailboxes have been migrated and their permissions.

In-depth reporting

Get the insight you need with comprehensive reporting, including complete reports on delegated rights based on the permissions status of mailboxes, mailbox folders, public folders, users and contacts.

Scalable data collection

Scale to Exchange and Exchange Online environments of any size and location. Schedule data collection during off-peak hours to minimize the impact on network and server performance, and leverage the distributed collection architecture for load balancing.

Automated reporting workflows

Ensure stakeholders get the reports they need, when they need them, with automated report generation and flexible delivery schedules.

Separation of duties (SoD)

Honor departmental and business function boundaries by enabling auditors, helpdesk staff, IT managers and other stakeholders get exactly the reports they need and nothing more.

Customizable reports

Perform efficient, effective data analysis and satisfy the unique information needs of your organization using predefined reports or by creating new reports with even more attributes. Customize any report with advanced filtering, and choose from multiple formats, including PDF, HTML, MHT, RTF, XLS, XLSX, CSV, text and images.


Out-of-the-box reports
Exchange discovery
Hybrid Exchange reporting
Mailbox permissions
Public folder permissions
Out-of-the-box reports

Out-of-the-box reports

Out-of-the-box reports on Exchange and Exchange Online


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