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Sensitive Data Governance

Solutions for balancing data democratization with regulatory compliance. Sweeping data privacy regulations are forcing businesses to understand and simplify the architecture of their data and applications. For organizations needing to comply with these regulations, the Quest Sensitive Data Governance solutions promote knowledge of the data ecosystem and provide the mechanisms needed to protect sensitive data while still enabling data democratization.

Sensitive Data Governance
The solutions allow data stakeholders to relate their data assets with business functions, understand who has access and spot potential vulnerabilities throughout the data lifecycle. Organizations can harvest, curate and govern data assets in a centralized repository so stakeholders can access and safeguard it.

Empower your sensitive data governance

Quest’s sensitive data governance solutions help you enable the democratization of data while ensuring its protection. They leverage the power of the Quest Data Empowerment portfolio to deliver innovative, market-proven products backed by world-class support.
Define sensitive data

Define sensitive data

Absence of data intelligence across the organization creates the potential for sensitive data exposure. Quest tools for defining sensitive data combat this lack of visibility by building data literacy and relating data assets to business processes and physical locations across the enterprise.

  • Establish enterprise architecture and business process models coupled with a metadata repository
  • Harvest and curate metadata, making it easier for stakeholders to locate sensitive data
  • Apply metadata-informed tags to data models that represent physical data stores.
Discover sensitive data

Discover sensitive data

For organizations that don’t know where sensitive data resides in their ecosystem, Quest’s data governance solution provides the means to scan databases for metadata that indicates the presence of sensitive data.

  • Automatically scan schema columns and data based on predefined rules and metadata tagging
  • Report on where sensitive data exists
  • Alert users to take defensive measures
Defend sensitive data

Defend sensitive data

Failure to protect sensitive data throughout the enterprise can have serious consequences – from high-profile data breaches to significant fines. Quest tools make it possible to mask, encrypt and redact Oracle and SQL Server data; harden endpoints against intruders; prevent unauthorized access to backups; and create compliant audit trails.

  • Mask sensitive production data in Oracle and SQL Server prior to provisioning
  • Discover, harden and manage all endpoints
  • Ensure data backups are secure and accompanied by good retention policies

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