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Toad Data Point

Self-Service Data Preparation Tool. Toad® Data Point is a cross-platform, self-service, data-integration tool that simplifies data access, preparation and provisioning. It provides nearly limitless data connectivity and desktop data integration, and with the Workbook interface for business users, you get simple-to-use visual query building and workflow automation.
Toad Data Point

Need to connect to Snowflake? 

You can with Toad Data Point Professional. 

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Organizations know they need to be more data-driven but feel unprepared for an expensive data profiling platform. What if you could empower your current business and data analysts to meet their own reporting and data preparation needs? What if your analysts could perform their own data integration? What if you could do all this without buying a high-cost platform and hiring specialists?

You can with Toad Data Point. Seamlessly access more than 50 data sources – both on-premises and in the cloud – and switch between these data sources seamlessly. Connect, query and prepare data for faster business insights. An intuitive interface, including a simplified Workbook, allows visual query building along with data profiling, report creation and automation design.


Common tool for multiple data sources

Common tool for multiple data sources

Connect to a wide range of data sources, including SQL-based and NoSQL databases, ODBC, business intelligence sources, and Microsoft Excel or Access. Use a single tool for data profiling needs and get consistent results.
Query Builder

Query Builder

Create a query without writing or editing SQL statements. Even for those familiar with SQL, the intuitive graphical user interface makes it easier to create relationships and visualize the query.
Choose the interface that's right for you

Choose the interface that's right for you

Toad Data Point Professional lets each user choose between two different interfaces depending on their work. The traditional interface provides ultimate flexibility and a deep breadth of functionality - like data compare, import/export and data profiling. The Workbook interface allows users to simplify their Toad Data Point experience and build straightforward query-to-report workflows.
Data Provisioning

Data Provisioning

Simplify, speed and secure the provisioning of data to different parts of your business so it doesn't go stale. Business users and data consumers simply connect to Toad Intelligence Central to get pre-prepared data sets for reporting and advanced analytics.


Connect to over 50 data sources

Connect directly to multiple sources — files, relational, non-relational, cloud or on-premises, NoSQL and more.

Toad Workbook

Simplify data preparation. Build reusable workflows and run them all using a single button. Output to several locations at once.

Blend data

Blend data from multiple sources in a single query, profile and prepare data for consumption, export to files or other databases.

Automate reporting

Eliminate manual processes with easy-to-use automation for enhanced productivity and reporting accuracy.

Speed up SQL development

Build complex queries against multiple data sources with a graphical interface to speed up SQL development.

Reduce reporting costs

Get a cost-efficient, flexible solution for data analysis that solves a wide variety of data preparation and data profiling problems.

Share integrated data

Share data, queries, business rules and workflow through one click integration with Toad Intelligence Central .


Simplify Report Building
Simplify SQL queries
Data integration
Limitless connectivity
Automation and scheduling
Transform data
Validate data
Import and export data
Improve data quality
Share integrated data
Simplify Report Building

Simplify Report Building

Create reusable workflows and dramatically simplify your report building process.


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Get More Value Out of the Data You Prepare

Pair Toad with erwin for data intelligence, quality and marketplace capabilities.

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