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KACE Cloud Companion

Cloud-based endpoint and server management software solution without the enrollment prerequisite. Introducing KACE Cloud Companion Edition: the perfect addition to your existing enrollment-based solutions like Microsoft Intune or VMWare Workspace One. Whether you're grappling with remote device management or seeking to enhance your current endpoint management system, KACE Cloud Companion is here to bridge the gaps. Say goodbye to OS patch-management woes, third-party application updates, server management headaches and software deployment hassles. Our enterprise-grade SaaS cloud platform delivers it all, making it a must-have for anyone enrolled in an MDM solution or exploring options for their business needs.
KACE Cloud Companion
Patch & Server Management

Patch & Server Management

Unlock the power of seamless endpoint and server management with KACE Cloud Companion Edition. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual patch management as our cloud-based solution takes charge, ensuring the security of all your endpoints with unparalleled efficiency.

No more sleepless nights over testing operating system and third-party application patches – KACE Cloud Companion Edition handles it all effortlessly. With a comprehensive patch catalog boasting over 350 products, rest assured that every vulnerability is swiftly addressed and every system remains fortified against potential threats.

Stay ahead of security breaches and compliance concerns with ease. KACE Cloud Companion Edition empowers you to deploy essential operating system and server patches on a regular schedule, keeping your network safeguarded and your organization compliant with industry regulations.

Experience the peace of mind that comes with proactive endpoint management. Trust in KACE Cloud Companion Edition to streamline your patching process, allowing you to focus on driving your business forward without the fear of cyber threats looming overhead.

Elevate your endpoint security and server management strategy today with KACE Cloud Companion Edition – the ultimate solution for seamless, stress-free patch management.



Elevate your visibility and control over your IT infrastructure with KACE Cloud Companion Edition. Say goodbye to gaps in inventory and hello to comprehensive coverage across all devices, including previously unmanaged endpoints.

Unlock a new level of insight as KACE Cloud Companion Edition empowers you to effortlessly inventory devices that were previously out of reach. With seamless cloud integration, you can now detect and manage all hardware and software on your servers with unparalleled ease. Save time and streamline processes with easy server management.

Enhance your existing solutions with our add-on feature, seamlessly complementing your current setup to achieve complete visibility over every device in your network. With KACE Cloud Companion Edition, you can finally take charge of your IT environment with confidence and precision.

Experience the power of comprehensive inventory management – upgrade to KACE Cloud Companion Edition today and take control of your IT infrastructure like never before.

Software Distribution

Software Distribution

Empower your IT team with unparalleled efficiency using our server management software solution from KACE Cloud Companion Edition. Say goodbye to manual software distributions and upgrades – our solution automates the process for Windows and Mac computers, as well as Windows servers, streamlining your operations effortlessly.

Boost productivity by configuring devices with ease. With KACE Cloud Companion Edition, you can push applications and implement preconfigured user settings for newly deployed devices, saving valuable time and resources.

Protect your company resources and fortify your network against cyber threats with proactive policy management. Our solution ensures that external devices don't compromise your network's defenses, keeping your data safe and secure.

Take control of policy enforcement with ease. KACE Cloud Companion Edition empowers you to administer apps and minimize drift through perpetual policy enforcement, ensuring that your network remains compliant and secure at all times.

Experience the power of automation and proactive management – upgrade to KACE Cloud Companion Edition today and revolutionize your IT operations for optimal efficiency and security.

Compatibility & Tech Specs

Registered Devices: 

KACE Cloud uses an agent to deliver some management functionality to Windows and macOS devices. Windows and macOS devices can be partially managed without an MDM connection through device registration. 

The following operating systems are supported: 

  • Windows (Server): 
    • Windows Server 2016 (Standard and Datacenter Editions with .NET Framework 4.7 or later) 
    • Windows Server 2019, 2022 (Standard and Datacenter Editions) 
  • Windows (Desktop OS): 
    • Windows 11 Professional, Enterprise, Education
    • Windows 10 Professional, Enterprise, Education, 1709 or later
  • Apple:
    • macOS 12+

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