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KACE Cloud Companion

Introducing the perfect addition to your existing Microsoft Intune or VMWare Workspace One. Because almost protected is not fully protected. 

KACE Cloud Companion bridges the gaps presented by your existing enrolment-based solution. You can save time with automation, increase visibility, and strengthen defenses against breaches. Say goodbye to OS patch management woes, 3rd party application updates, server management headaches, and software deployment hassles.

KACE Cloud Companion
Intune and Workspace ONE Companion
Patch Management
Server Management
Software Distribution
Intune and Workspace ONE Companion

If you’re currently using a mobile device monitoring tool like Intune or Workspace ONE, but lack the capability to patch 3rd party applications, run comprehensive inventory, or distribute software, KACE Cloud Companion Edition is the perfect server management software add-on for you. Manage endpoints, like servers, that cannot be enrolled in your MDM solution, deploy OS and server patches from our 350+ product patch catalog, eliminate gaps in your inventory, and more!

If you’re looking for a mobile device management (MDM) solution…

mobile device management (MDM) solution
KACE Cloud Secure is our MDM offering that streamlines device patching and endpoint management, reducing vulnerabilities. It offers automated patch management for both native and third-party applications, allowing IT managers to secure corporate and BYOD devices effectively.

Compatibility & Tech Specs

Registered Devices: 

Solutions within the KACE Cloud range use agents to deliver some management functionality to Windows and macOS devices. Windows and macOS devices can be partially managed without an MDM connection through device registration. 

The following operating systems are supported by KACE Cloud Companion: 


Windows (Server):

  • Windows Server 2016 (Standard and Datacenter Editions with .NET Framework 4.7 or later) 
  • Windows Server 2019, 2022 (Standard and Datacenter Editions) 

Windows (Desktop OS):

  • Windows 11 Professional, Enterprise, Education
  • Windows 10 Professional, Enterprise, Education, 1709 or later


  • macOS 12+

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