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Data Operations

Quest data operations products enable organizations to create and maximize value from their data assets and the supporting infrastructure with data intelligence. Our range of products for database management, performance monitoring, infrastructure visualization and data modeling cover a wide range of platforms including databases, operating systems, virtual machines, containers and more – on-premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment.

Featured Products

Foglight for Databases
Foglight Evolve
Toad Data Point
erwin Data Modeler


Largely due to the increased adoption of DevOps and requirements of data privacy regulations, database administrators and developers are facing seismic shifts in their job responsibilities. DBAs must manage more complex databases while protecting sensitive data, and developers must push code to production faster without causing disruptions. None of this can be done without management tools.

ApexSQL is a comprehensive tool set that streamlines and automates SQL Server database management and development processes. With its expansive portfolio of products, ApexSQL enables SQL Server DBAs and developers to dramatically increase their efficiency without sacrificing the quality of their work or the safety of the databases.