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erwin by Quest

erwin by Quest is a leader in enterprise modeling and data intelligence software. The erwin EDGE platform creates an enterprise data governance experience for IT and business collaboration, driving meaningful insights, agile innovation, risk management and business transformation. Integrated data modeling, data governance, enterprise architecture and business process modeling capabilities help guide smart decisions. With erwin, organizations of all types across the globe can maximize the security, quality and value of their assets to control data chaos and prepare for the next IT challenge.

Key benefits


Find and document data assets, systems and processes.


See relevant data in context with lineage and impact analysis.


Make better, faster decisions based on accurate insights.

erwin Product Portfolio

erwin Data Modeler

erwin Data Modeler

erwin Data Modeler by Quest helps you find, visualize, design, deploy and standardize high-quality enterprise data assets. Discover and document any data for consistency, clarity and artifact reuse across large-scale data initiatives, including metadata management, data governance, business intelligence and analytics.

Key Features

  • Modern, customizable modeling environment for structured and unstructured data
  • Breadth of DBMS integrations and metadata bridges
  • Model and database comparison
  • Roundtrip engineering
  • Data catalog and business glossary integration
erwin Data Intelligence

erwin Data Intelligence

erwin Data Intelligence by Quest combines data catalog and data literacy capabilities for greater awareness of and access to available data assets, guidance on their use, and guardrails to ensure data policies and best practices are followed. erwin Data Intelligence supports enterprise data governance, digital transformation and any effort that relies on data for favorable outcomes.

Key Features

  • Automated data harvesting, cataloging and curation
  • End-to-end data lineage and impact analysis
  • Sensitive data discovery, data profiling and quality metrics
  • Business glossary and data policy management
  • Self-service data discovery with role-based views
erwin Data Catalog

erwin Data Catalog

erwin Data Catalog by Quest is metadata management software that helps organizations learn what data they have and where it is. The product automates harvesting, integrating, activating and governing data according to business requirements, resulting in greater accuracy and faster time to value for data governance and digital transformation efforts.

Key Features

  • Easy drag-and-drop data mapping
  • Universal code generation
  • Upstream and downstream data lineage
  • Data profiling and data quality metrics
  • Built-in reference data management
erwin Smart Data Connectors

erwin Data Connectors

The expansive library of erwin-built data connectors automatically scan, integrate and activate metadata within erwin Data Catalog, and automate the development lifecycle. Choose from included Standard Data Connectors to harvest data-at-rest data sources or add Smart Data Connectors for complex data-at-rest and data-in-motion metadata, and to forward-engineer development processes.

Key Features

  • Automated metadata scanning and harvesting
  • Forward- and reverse-engineering of ETL/ELT, database procedural and scripting code
  • Data lineage documentation down to the column level
erwin Data Literacy

erwin Data Literacy

erwin Data Literacy by Quest includes business glossary management and self-service data discovery tools. It enables organizations to curate, associate and govern data assets so all stakeholders can find and understand data relevant to their roles. erwin Data Literacy makes collaboration, analysis and decision-making easier within the same team and across the enterprise.

Key Features

  • Leverage data stewardship capabilities to associate business terms, policies, rules and more to technical data elements
  • Easily view data elements and associations through mind maps and data lineage
  • Use AI to speed the discovery and classification of sensitive data
  • Socialize high-value data assets and enable self-service discovery
erwin Evolve

erwin Evolve

erwin Evolve by Quest is a full-featured, configurable set of enterprise architecture (EA) and business process (BP) modeling and analysis tools. Use it to map IT capabilities to the business functions they support and determine how people, processes, data, technologies and applications interact to ensure alignment in achieving enterprise objectives.

Key Features

  • Creation and visualization of complex EA/BP models
  • High-performance, scalable repository for a central source of truth
  • Configurable metamodel with role-based views
  • Support for industry-standard frameworks and notations
  • Integrations with third-party enterprise applications
erwin Cloud Catalyst

erwin Cloud Catalyst

erwin Cloud Catalyst by Quest is a suite of automated cloud migration, transformation management and data governance software and services. Quickly and accurately document and transform existing data management infrastructures and processes to precisely migrate data from legacy, on-premises databases to the cloud.

Key Features:

  • Assessment of cloud migration strategy
  • Review of automation and optimization opportunities
  • Delivery of an automation roadmap
  • Design for the appropriate erwin Smart Data Connectors to achieve the desired future-state architecture