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Data Empowerment

What is data empowerment? The power to transform everything. Modern enterprises have to empower their stakeholders to use data assets operationally and strategically. They can’t choose between guardrails and growth – they have to employ both defensive and offensive data strategies. Yet few organizations are truly data-driven. The Quest Data Empowerment Platform is comprised of best-of-breed solutions for data operations, data protection and data governance. Each solution is supported by data intelligence, the ability to find, understand and use relevant enterprise data assets for faster, smarter decisions.

Data empowerment is key to digital transformation


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Data Operations

Data Operations

Data operations solutions help organizations modernize infrastructure, optimize performance and deliver applications faster. We help you design optimal data structures, build and manage databases, monitor and optimize data systems, streamline the software delivery pipeline, enable self-service data preparation, and efficiently move data.
Data Protection

Data Protection

Data protection solutions help organizations ensure data availability, meet data privacy requirements and secure devices. We provide capabilities for intrusion prevention and protection, visibility into data infrastructure, securing data assets, backup/recovery/restore, data deduplication, and encryption.
Data Governance

Data Governance

Data governance solutions help organizations establish a framework for access to data assets, guidance on their use, and guardrails to ensure compliance. erwin by Quest solutions help you use metadata-driven automation to identify and harvest technical assets, curate and control their use, and understand business processes to uncover risks and areas for improvement.

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