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Application Modernization

Solutions for modernizing legacy applications to today’s cloud architectures.  Organizations are transforming monolithic legacy applications to the latest infrastructures, databases and services to achieve the most cost-effective outcomes that are aligned with business objectives. Quest application modernization solutions provide the tools needed to model, migrate, manage, monitor, govern and protect the data and application ecosystem – before, during and after this transformation.

Application Modernization
As enterprises embark on their digital transformation journey, migrating to the cloud has become the norm, but not all applications can make the move without significant redesign and rearchitecting. Undertaking application modernization is a multi-step process that requires deliberate planning, modeling and an in-depth understanding of data assets across the enterprise. Without the right set of tools and processes, legacy application modernization could be time-consuming, expensive and risky.

Empower your application modernization

Quest’s Application Modernization solutions provide high visibility and control across the enterprise in order to balance cost with application performance, data governance and security. They leverage the power of the Quest Data Empowerment portfolio to support today’s cloud infrastructure for maximum flexibility.
Model the new system and safely migrate data

Model the new system and safely migrate data

Ensure the application matches the needs of the business by using Quest solutions for process modeling and metadata management to accurately represent interdependencies between the application and enterprise data. Overcome unreliable data movement with continuous replication of data from legacy systems to modernized architectures.

  • Bridge the communication gap between IT and business users by using a metadata repository that facilitates a common understanding of data and shared language among teams.
  • Ensure data transformations take into account data type mappings and other platform differences.
  • Replicate Oracle data to multiple target databases for testing and optimization of application performance and scalability.
Automate processes and monitor performance

Automate processes and monitor performance

Manual processes and poor database performance can detract from the value of application modernization efforts and increase cloud costs. Quest solutions for BizDevOps, DataOps and cloud infrastructure and database monitoring help deliver business value faster. Improved data provisioning and preparation help democratize data across the organization.

  • Establish and manage high quality BizDevOps and DataOps pipelines to deliver business value faster and accelerate the democratization of data.
  • Monitor hybrid infrastructure and database performance, resource consumption and cloud costs, and maintain business SLAs.
  • Ensure analysts and the business community have simplified, secure access to data with the means to share data sets for analysis.
Govern the use of data and protect it against threats

Govern the use of data and protect it against threats

Application modernization initiatives can uncover a lack of visibility into data assets, potential exposure to cyberattack and poor data backup practices. Quest solutions for data protection, endpoint management and sensitive data protection can keep data safeguarded throughout the process and across the enterprise.

  • Harvest and curate metadata to better understand where data is located, tag it and set policies for sound governance.
  • Automatically scan data and data structures based on predefined rules to identify sensitive data and employ appropriate protection techniques.
  • Discover and secure all endpoints; implement sound backup and recovery strategies.

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