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Hybrid Cloud Operations

Solutions for the migration to and operations of a hybrid cloud infrastructure. For organizations seeking the least disruptive way to migrate data to the cloud and then manage their complex infrastructure, Quest offers hybrid cloud solutions that help effectively balance cloud spend with application performance, provide greater flexibility and democratize data across the enterprise.

Simplify and secure your journey to the cloud with hybrid cloud architecture solutions from Quest 02:51
These solutions help organizations better leverage high-quality data assets by activating a governance framework that makes data provenance, lineage and impact analysis available for holistic analysis, traceability and visibility in decision making. They support the three key phases of migration to a hybrid cloud infrastructure: preparation, execution and maintenance.

Empower your hybrid cloud operations

Quest’s hybrid cloud operations solutions provide end-to-end cloud migration and operations capabilities that ensure IT delivery of cloud services meets business goals. They leverage the power of the Quest Data Empowerment portfolio to deliver innovative, market-proven products backed by world-class support.
Hybrid Cloud Operations - Prepare for migration to a hybrid cloud infrastructure

Prepare for migration to a hybrid cloud infrastructure

Preparation is a key step to ensuring the security and integrity of data while avoiding overpaying for unneeded cloud capacity.

  • Discover, monitor and redistribute hybrid infrastructure resources
  • Benchmark database workloads; assessing and comparing cost and performance
  • Map business processes and lineage between source and target database
Hybrid Cloud Operations - Execute your cloud migration

Execute your cloud migration

Successful migrations require careful attention to the accurate creation of a target database environment, along with error-free data movement and resource monitoring.

  • Ensure data transformation accounts for data type mappings and other platform differences
  • Continuously replicate data to multiple target databases and data streaming applications
  • Monitor hybrid infrastructure performance, resource consumption and cost
Hybrid Cloud Operations - Maintain your hybrid cloud environment

Maintain your hybrid cloud environment

Following migration, ongoing maintenance and monitoring are needed to maintain performance, service levels and security.

  • Discover, manage and secure all traditional and modern endpoints
  • Implement comprehensive backup and recovery
  • Provide simplified and democratized access to data across the enterprise

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