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Desktop Authority Management Suite

Centralized, secure desktop management software for Windows environments. Proactively provision and manage Windows systems with KACE Desktop Authority Management Suite. Comprised of KACE Desktop Authority and KACE Privilege Manager, you can secure endpoint devices and run your applications in a least-privileged environment. Maintain the balance between security and user productivity while saving IT resources.

Desktop Authority Management Suite
Desktop management that’s designed to simplify your workday 01:00
While users want flexibility in their IT environment, administrators must constantly ensure the environment is secure. By protecting endpoints and controlling privilege levels, KACE Desktop Authority Management Suite helps you safeguard sensitive data and prevent vulnerabilities from being introduced by end users, without limiting capabilities, causing productivity issues or risking non-compliance.


User, device and admin control

Aggregate and analyze privilege usage information to determine if privilege policies need to be modified

Secure endpoints

Control device usage and port access according to each user's unique authentication and access levels

Support mobile users

Remotely manage issues using more than 30 different management tasks without disrupting user productivity

Maintain privileges regardless of location

Validation Logic’s targeting features ensure correct elevation settings apply when a user travels between offices

Manage configurations across multiple environments

Gain precise configuration control across every delivery infrastructure —all from a single solution

Inactivity monitoring and power management

Centrally manage, configure and report on power management settings while securing inactive desktops

Secure installation of trusted apps

Allow users to install or update software themselves while preventing viruses and unwanted apps

Remote control of user desktops

Enable remote control or viewing of a desktop for issues that require a support professional

Reduced, simplified Group Policy management

Target the deployment of over 2,400 available Group Policies and Windows settings using more than 40 criteria


Lock down USB ports
Reduce power consumption
Import and configure GP templates
Target configurations with granularity
Secure desktops when users are away
Seamlessly deploy MSI packages
Privilege elevation and blacklisting
Find all admin accounts
Lock down USB ports

Lock down USB ports

Control exactly which USB devices are allowed on the network with the USB/Port Security feature.


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