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Solutions for accelerating software delivery while reflecting changing business needs. To boost the speed of software delivery through the DevOps CI/CD pipeline, organizations must automate as many processes as possible while uniting business and IT – commonly called BizDevOps – through a common understanding of enterprise architecture (EA) and shared metadata. Quest offers BizDevOps solutions that provide data intelligence, data modeling and database tools that support automated CI/CD to do just that.
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BizDevOps facilitates more rapid and efficient software changes that more closely meet the need of business with fewer code defects, better performance and reduced technical debt. The Quest solutions cover three key aspects of BizDevOps: data intelligence and preparation, orchestration of changes, and deployment and reconciliation.

Empower your BizDevOps

Quest’s BizDevOps solutions provide end-to-end data modeling, data intelligence and CI/CD automation capabilities that ensure software delivery meets business goals. They leverage the power of the Quest Data Empowerment portfolio to deliver innovative, market-proven products backed by world-class support.

BizDevOps - Data intelligence  and preparation

Data intelligence and preparation

The lack of visibility into the relationship between data assets and business processes is hindering IT’s ability to effectively deliver business value through the CI/CD pipeline. Quest provides Enterprise Architecture, data intelligence and modeling tools that leverage metadata and enable the reconciliation of business requirements with data models.

  • Map the relationships among business strategy, processes, IT infrastructure and data
  • Harvest and curate metadata into a central repository to better locate and understand it
  • Reconcile business requirements with data models, then convert into physical data structure changes
BizDevOps - Change orchestration

Change orchestration

Ineffective change orchestration leads to multiple problems, including code defects, technical debt, poor production workload performance and unforeseen cloud spend. Quest’s DevOps orchestration tools for Oracle and SQL Server help integrate database change management processes into the CI/CD pipeline, making it more efficient and secure.

  • Visualize the workflow of CI/CD steps, including testing and code reviews, within the release pipeline
  • Monitor, diagnose and optimize workload performance throughout the pipeline
  • Discover, protect and manage endpoints to reduce risk of intruder access to sensitive data
BizDevOps - Deployment and reconciliation

Deployment and reconciliation

Errors in manually-created deployment scripts often lead to application issues, and ad hoc changes made by IT may lead to inconsistencies of future releases. Quest code deployment tools automate the comparison and reconciliation of changes to eliminate discrepancies. Performance monitoring tools ensure teams can proactively resolve issues and maintain database workloads and infrastructure.

  • Automatically generate DDL scripts based on source/target comparison of objects and data
  • Reconcile changes to objects and data back to business process flows via the metadata repository
  • Proactively monitor and maintain production database workloads and infrastructure performance 

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